iOS 13 concept envisions a cleaner, smarter user experience

With just few months away from the developer release of iOS 13, the internet has been exploding with “what will iOS 13 pack?”. So far, the most interesting news regarding the upcoming version of iOS has been the “Dark Mode”. Last year at WWDC, Apple released the dark theme on macOS Mojave which has become one of the most popular features among Mac users.

Before delving into more, take a look at this iOS 13 concept; it doesn’t show a radically different UI but then the changes are subtle and nice.

iOS 13 will be unveiled at WWDC

Android phones have had “always on” display for a very long time now. With the iPhones now using OLED display, it would make sense for Apple to offer the same. It’s pretty handy, as you don’t have to lift your phone and could just glance when its sitting on a table.

Smarter Shortuts

The concept video envisions a Control Center with shortcuts to various social media platforms’ actions. The Control Center would have dedicated buttons for tweeting, posting a Instagram story and more.

Control Center tweaks
Control Center tweaks

The default Mail app on the iPhone has been criticized by many users for its lack of features. Email clients like Gmail and Spark offer far more advanced features and following that, the video showcases a updated Mail app.

Another interesting feature showcased is the call dialog; in the iOS 13 concept, the call dialog appears at the top without taking over the whole display. It definitely sounds less obtrusive but the actual use case of it wouldn’t be known until actually implemented.

The volume dialog on iOS at present is very annoying. It’s a huge box right in the middle of the display and the concept shows a thin sidebar for volume like the one present on Android.

Apple Beta Program
Apple Beta Program

iOS 13 would be released as a beta in the month of June at Apple’s yearly developers conference WWDC (2019).