Microsoft Launches ‘Play My Emails’ Feature on iOS Outlook

Microsoft has announced a new feature called text-to-speech for the Outlook app in iOS. Using the feature, you can have your emails read out by Cortana, thanks to AI and natural language interactions.

According to the tech giant, the ‘text-to-speech’ Outlook app addition is meant for multi-tasking; users can have Cortana read out emails as they do something else, like driving or while working on something else.

Cortana will mention first how many unread emails there in the last 24 hours and if there were any changes in the upcoming daily schedule. Microsoft’s Cortana will also check the sender’s identity per email via Microsoft Graph to gauge the message’s context without having to look at the screen. Microsoft says that Play My Emails will be like having a conversation with Cortana.

Play My Emails is now available for US users on the Outlook app for iOS, with Android support to become available later.

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