The iOS Twitch app has been updated to allow users to subscribe to their favorite streamers. There’s just one caveat, though- the same action will cost you 99 cents more as what you could on the Twitch website.

Subscribe Option Added to iOS Twitch App for $1 More

Twitch recently added a post on their blog that outlines the new feature. Users can buy Sub Tokens for $5.99, which you can use to redeem a 1-month Tier 1 subscription. This was made so creators could earn revenues regardless of platform.

A Tier 1 subscription entitles the user sub-only chat, ad-free viewing, emotes, sub badges and more. It’s unclear if the tokens bought can unlock tier 2 or tier 3 subscriptions, though, and Twitch’s post hasn’t addressed the concern.

Interested Twitch users can get 2 Sub Tokens for just $8.99, a promotion that runs until October 31. The app has arrived on Apple TV, while the iOS version sports a new look. Both can be downloaded for free at the App Store.


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