Guaranteed Same-Day Third Party iPhone Repairs

A recent statement by an Apple official has revolutionized the whole approach to making third party repairs on iPhones. The main thing to note is that you can now purchase genuine iPhone spare parts. This was impossible to do unless you had an official license to do so issued by Apple.

iPhone Repairs in Brisbane Sydney & Melbourne CBD

With this new exciting news, Screen Fixed are delighted to announce that you can get guaranteed same-day iPhone repairs. And you can get this premium service at the CBD repair stores all over Australia. Our technicians are experts in the field of making all kinds of iPhone repairs. And the best part is that you will have your iPhone returned to you on the same day. And it will be fully repaired and functional.

Quality iPhone Screen Repairs Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

One of the most vulnerable parts of the iPhone is the screen. It’s a cutting-edge piece of technology and it’s one of the most important parts of the iPhone. And if it breaks or malfunctions in any way, then you’ll have serious problems in using your iPhone.

Luckily, it’s not hard at all to get your iPhone screen repaired. As mentioned before, you can visit any of their CBD mobile repair stores in Australia. Screen Fixed have stores in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Moreover, we finally have access to premium-level Apple spare parts. And this includes the aforementioned cutting-edge screens that only Apple knows how to make.

Feel free to head on out to either one of Screen Fixed’s CBD stores in Australia. They can epair and replace your iPhone screen in no time. This means that you’ll get your phone back, good as new, during the same day.

Fast iPhone Battery Replacement Service

The iPhone battery is a crucial, yet often overlooked piece of the equation. If the battery is dead, then the iPhone is useless. And if the battery is slow to charge, fast to drain, or if it malfunctions, then you’ll have serious problems with your iPhone.

This is why the smart way to go about it is to visit Screen Fixed’s Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney CBD repair stores in Australia. Our technicians will almost immediately replace your iPhone with a new one. And it will be a genuine Apple battery with the premium-level quality that the company is known for.

And the new battery will serve you and your iPhone well for a long time. Apple batteries are known to be extremely resilient and durable. But unfortunately, after a while, they too begin to malfunction. So, if you happen to have any problems with your iPhone battery, Screen Fixed iPhone Repair technicians are there to help.

iPhone Repairs Near Me

It’s no problem at all to get your iPhone repaired no matter where you live in Australia. The fact is that Screen Fixed have CBD phone repair stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. However, there’s a solution to your problem even if you don’t live in any of these cities. You can use Australia-wide mail to

send us your damaged iPhone by post. Our technicians will get to repairing it ASAP. They will send it back to your good as new in no time.

So, there’s always a solution to your iPhone woes. If you happen to damage your iPhone in any way, then you can come to our stores. We only use premium Apple parts for making the third-party repairs. And the vast majority of our customers are completely satisfied with the service that we offer.

iPhone 12 Repairs Australia

Even though the iPhone is made to be highly durable – this still doesn’t mean that the phone’s invincible. And this is where CBD Australia comes into play. If your iPhone gets damaged in any way, you can come and visit Screen Fixed stores.

Their expert-technicians use solely genuine parts made by Apple for all the repairs they make. Moreover, Screen Fixed back their iPhone 12 repairs with a warranty which will further ensure that your repaired iPhone will serve you for a long time to come.

So, don’t hesitate to visit Screen Fixed as they will help you by making the required iPhone repairs for you. Complete customer satisfaction is their top priority.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

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