Want to Buy a New TV or Monitor but is 4K Worth it?

In today’s digital age, we welcomed the arrival of the 4K television. 4K is an abbreviated for of 4K resolution. A television of such high resolution is needed mostly in the film industry where the pixels of pictures matter. The 4K basically refers to the number of pixels i.e. 4000 pixels. However, it was also seen that such television sets were also purchased by the general public out of bourgeoise instinct simply. This article etches out the negative aspects of a 4K television and lists some convincing points as to why the 4K television might not suitable to some people. It discusses every point at length for the consideration of every future buyer.

Why 4K TV is (kind of) not worth to purchase?

If you want to purchase a new TV and monitor set or replace a new one then there is really no point in choosing a 4K. 4000 pixels is usually not needed for homes. A standard television which supports 1080 pixels is fine for viewing the content you usually watch at homes. Even if you have Netflix or web series to view, the standard television set will solve the purpose smoothly. Undergoing a proper analysis, you would probably be having the realisation that the 4K is redundant for various reasons.

Want to Buy a New TV or Monitor but is 4K Worth it?
  • Pixel – increase in the amount of pixels means that the size of the television would be massive. You need to decide whether or not you can free up so much of space for one particular device in your house. If you live in a small apartment or a studio apartment and have plans to adorn it with other show pieces then better not to bring home an unnecessarily large television set and cover an entire wall with it.
  • Surround sound – Dolby sounds in a small area (going by the standard area of drawing rooms even in palatial houses) can affect your hearing. It can also affect the concentration of your children and installations of such embellishment at a nascent stage can be a source of distraction for them.
  • Not eco-friendly – A massive television set can contribute to air pollution and is not healthy for kids as well. It can be dire if there is any patient in the house who is diagnosed by cardiac problems.
  • Not use often – You will not need it all throughout the day. Your content also would remain the same which would we viewed well in the pixel of 1080. There is no point to blow up a heavy amount if you cannot make a heavy usage of it.
  • 1080 is sufficient – You even need to determine the purpose of it. If you need only for yourself and your family then there is no point in purchasing a 4K television. A 1080 during cricket matches and world cups can be good for the entire family.
  • Not much different – Going through certain articles and queries would enlighten you with the fact that there is really no point of difference between the two except for the pixel, the difference of which is not noticeable to the naked eye. The difference between 4K and 1080 is night and day.
  • Not all video/content support 4k – A 4K television set would usually be a Led display which would be no different than any normal LEDs. If you are availing streaming services even then a television of 1080 pixels will serve you well.
  • Still not streamline for cable network – 4K would take long to become the streamline for cable TV providers, 1080p content still the preference for streaming network services. Few reasons are:
    • 4K is expensive
    • Not all households own 4K TV
    • Need high speed internet to stream 4K
    • Not mobile user preference, its a mobile data ‘nightmare’.
  • However, such a television with high pixels is mostly availed by those who avail the streaming services. The fact also cannot be denied that the population availing the streaming services is thin, whereas the number of people relying on cable TV providers is thick. Though, according to a survey, 4K television sets are already being availed by people in USA.

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However..there’s some benefit of having a 4K TV

A 4K television would not always be a bad idea to purchase. Many tech oriented sector and industry find having a 4K resolution TV would benefit their everyday work and presentation. Its all about choosing the right tv or monitor for your need.

  • For education – There are many schools who believe in smart classes. A class contains more than 60 kids. Stating the obvious, a massive screen then comes to a proper usage as a good number of populations is benefitting from it. Students from behind the class wouldn’t need to squeak their eyes to watch small television from far behind.
  • For business – There are organisations that travel from place to place aiming for business purpose. A television set of 4K could be installed in a conference room and people doing online videos calls can communicate and watch clearly, especially if you are presenting a product to clients that need to see every details as much as possible.
  • For home entertainment – Film and movie makers are now adapting their work to fit the 4K viewing. Some movie goers and home entertainment consumers love to watch their favorite movie in large scale 4K resolution, they want to feel as if they’re inside the movie, want to feel the sweet, if you know what I mean.
  • For gaming – Needless to say, gamers have the most demanding requirements when comes to gaming monitor, for gamers that play professionally in first person shooter (FPS) games, every inch on the tv or monitor screen means protecting them from hidden enemies, one of the reason widescreen 4K gaming monitor is popular among avid gamers.


When 4K TV first introduced, not many people can afford it so the release of 4K television sets are very limited but nowadays the price for 4K TV or monitor has fallen and is affordable to almost everyone, check out these cheapest 4K TV, however there is really no point in purchasing one for home. Before finalising your decision regarding the purchase of such a big television set, you need to deal with every aspect rationally. It might be the source of pleasure initially but might later turn out to be a superfluous object at large. It is very obvious to be intrigued by such a size and the picture quality but you can resist yourself from the detail frenzy temptation.

It is better not to spend your hard earned money on such luxury. The important thing is your rationality to measure the pros and cons and then act accordingly. If you simply couldn’t careless about viewing the tiny details then 4K is not worth it for the higher price than normal 1080p HD TV or monitor.