Is Google Sheets Better Than Microsoft Excel?


Excel has been the go-to spreadsheet software for decades, and no other program has come close.

Is Google Sheets Better Than Microsoft Excel?

Until now.

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet app that you can use within the Google Apps line, but is it better than Microsoft’s?

Why Use Excel?

MS Excel is the ultimate standard of the spreadsheet world, especially for hard sciences and accounting.

Data Processing. Excel is made to be responsive and can handle thousands of rows of data per file. It’s better-suited when you have a huge amount of information and if you need a snappy interface while working inside a massive spreadsheet.

Formulas. MS Excel can do anything, from doing your taxes to managing your life, thanks to built-in formulas. They can range from the simple to the really complex ones you can use for difficult computations.

Customization. Excel has a number of customization options that Sheets doesn’t, and tools that let you save time. When you’re constantly saving precious seconds doing keyboard shortcuts, it all adds up and you get the job done faster.

Charts. Excel has more charts than Sheets, and it has more options for changing styles, layouts, formatting and error bar displays.

Why is Excel Better?

It makes more sense to invest your time in Excel tutorials than figuring out how to use Google Sheets due to these reasons.

Excel is More Widely Used

Sheets is gaining popularity since it’s included in the Google apps, along with GDrive, Gmail and Docs, but Excel still has millions of users from all over the world. Some will prefer to stick with what they’re familiar with, especially if it doesn’t offer as much customization, formulaic and data processing options.

Excel is Still Growing

Microsoft is still fine-tuning Excel to be the one that individuals use even when there’s Google Sheets. For example, Excel Online allows you to use Excel within a web browser. The company is expanding how Excel works to keep up with mobile times.


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