Is it okay to buy YouTube Viewers & Subscribers?

Is it safe to buy YouTube views and subscribers? In a nutshell, buying views, likes, and subscribers on YouTube is absolutely safe. It may seem illegal or unnatural to you, but it’s not at all. To boost your channel’s growth, it’s great to buy views, likes, and subscribers.

In order to simplify, sometimes views, likes, and subscribers are referred to as promo packages.

There have been a lot of articles online condemning the act, but if you play your cards right, I believe it’s a safe approach to grow your channel.

Put an emphasis on “playing your cards right.”.

Are YouTube subscribers worth buying?

There is a risk to buy YouTube views, just as there is when buying Instagram followers.

It is considered “gaming the system” if you buy subscribership and engagements without authentication – something YouTube (and Google) don’t approve of.

If you do not take action, your account could be suspended, or worse, you could be banned.

YouTube’s algorithm is another factor to consider. It’s unlikely that you’ll get much engagement from bots or fake accounts that follow your channel. YouTube searches are less likely to find your video if you have a low engagement (view time).

YouTube’s billions of active users, who are looking for content, are not being taken advantage of, which leaves you always “paying to play.”.

However, you shouldn’t ignore these risks just because you need to recognize them. The right way to do it is just to do it.

It isn’t wise to jump from 0 to 100,000 subscribers overnight, because that is obviously a fake.

Write 1000 words, and then craft another 1000. Try to move up the YouTube tree as organically as possible. However, you can buy YouTube subscribers since it’s safer & everyone does that.

The difference between robots and real YouTube subscribers, likes, and views.

It is easy for people to assume that the phrase “buy YouTube likes, views, and subscribers” has the same meaning as the phrase “buy real YouTube likes, views, and subscribers.”.

This is not the case.

In the second phase, you will see the word “REAL.” That tells you that the views, likes, and subscribers you buy are from real, live human beings. You may be buying bot packages without this term – meaning views, views, and subscribers that are automated.

With a real YouTube promo package, you can rest assured that neither your package nor your channel is going to be affected. So your story won’t end in tears.

On the subject of buying bots (artificial systems) and real packages, see what YouTube has to say:

“YouTube doesn’t allow anything that artificially increases the number of views, likes, comments, or other metrics either through the use of automatic systems or by serving up videos to unsuspecting viewers. Content and channels that don’t follow this policy may be terminated and removed from YouTube.”

Wrapping Up

The source of your subscribers doesn’t matter, and whether they promise they are genuinely interested in your content does not matter either.

It is against YouTube’s Terms of Service to pay somebody to try and grow your channel artificially and to manipulate its metrics. Ultimately, it’s up to you. The gatekeepers at YouTube will most likely suspend or terminate your channel if they find out what you have been doing.

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