Is it Safe to Store Data on Apple’s iCloud?

Let’s face it, we’ve all got a lot of information to store and share these days. Businesses have countless files on customers and performance that they evaluate with tools like the IIS log analyzer to make clever company decisions. Freelancers constantly work from phones, tablets, and computers around the world, storing data on the cloud so that they can send it to clients when the time is right. Even everyday consumers like you and me have plenty of files to think about, from pictures of our pets to important documents.

So, how do you keep all of that data secure and accessible at the same time? Storage solutions on the cloud like the Apple iCloud system can be a good choice. However, after years of stories about data breaches and leaks, some people still aren’t sure whether the iCloud is really safe or not.

Can You Trust it?

Apple launched the iCloud way back in 2011, as a way for people to access more storage space for their must-have files and content. Today, hundreds of millions of users around the world use iCloud storage for recordings, videos, photos and more. Unfortunately, things haven’t always been great for iCloud. In the past, security in the system was seriously lacking, particularly because the connections available to the iCloud servers were vulnerable to things like man-in-the-middle attacks.

Problems with iCloud security is what led to one of the world’s biggest data breaches in 2014, when hundreds of photos of nude celebrities started suddenly circulating the internet, after leaking from Apple iCloud accounts. The hacked celebrities cried out against the privacy breach, and Apple was quick to deny security problems – stating that the celebrities were instead part of a phishing attack. Despite claiming that the “fappening” had nothing to do with iCloud security problems, Apple quickly started to roll out things like two-factor authentication to protect more Apple user accounts.

Security Is Getting Better

Although Apple and the iCloud have faced a few security problems in the past, they’re not the only cloud providers that have dealt with issues. Everyone from Amazon to Google have gone through growing pains when it comes to securely finding ways to store data on the cloud. The good news for today’s users who need more storage space – is that Apple is actively making improvements to its security standards. For instance, when you sign into iCloud for the first time now, 2 factor authentications are automatically applied.

Additionally, when you use in-built apps to access iCloud services, your authentication is handled by a secure token, which makes your content even more secure. Even the data travelling between your phone and the iCloud server is protected with 128-bit AES encryption. While the iCloud might not be completely invulnerable to attacks, the security that Apple has built around its services is getting stronger than ever before. As the technology in your iPhone and other apple devices continues to improve, you can rest assured that Apple has your safety in mind.