Is now the time to get a VPS or Dedicated Server in Asia?

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett - Contributing Editor
Is now the time to get a VPS or Dedicated Server in Asia?

If you are a small business branching out in Asia, shared hosting might be a reasonable option for you at the start. However, as the server is shared with many other users, it can’t provide the power or stability that larger businesses and websites need to operate.

Many areas in Asia have now reached a point where Covid-19 seems to be largely under control. This means that their economies are starting to pick up the recovery pace and some are even looking at opening up to international travel (although restricted to selected countries initially)

Is now the time to get a VPS or Dedicated Server in Asia?

This means that business opportunities are popping up all across Asia, as budgets were previously drained and a lot of businesses closed or owners were forced to sell. Many of these businesses can even be run online or remotely, meaning that initial costs are low and potential future incomes high (once this pandemic passes or for those catering for local demands, such as online training).

So, if you are serious about starting a new business, or even expanding your existing businesses market area, an Asia based virtual private server (VPS info) or dedicated server (server info) that is located in Asia could be perfect for grabbing opportunities. This is because it is usually best to have your server as close to your target customers as possible.

Presently the market is more affordable in many areas of Asia and is likely to be an expanding market, as the first places to show signs of recovery from Covid-19 issues have the possibility to expand rapidly in comparison to countries under lockdown or experiencing major issues.

Thailand has a good internet infrastructure as well as fast international connections. Support is provided in English by some providers, so communication shouldn’t be a problem either.

The advantages of having a VPS or Dedicated Server

Shared hosting is an affordable way to host websites and have everything managed for you. However, having a full server or dedicated resources through a VPS offers many advantages.

It also means that the power of the hosting can grow as your application or website grows.

Server advantages include:

  • Order configuration – allowing you to customize ram, disk, bandwidth, IPs and more
  • Stable and/or more dedicated processing power
  • Normally more dedicated memory and disk space
  • Better reliability of service
  • Security – you can set each aspect to be as strict or relaxed as you need
  • Dedicated IP (or IPs) are not shared with other customers or websites
  • Customization – you control all the settings
  • Choice of OS possible
  • You decide which software is installed and also which is not
  • Servers are normally scalable, meaning you can increase your resources such as memory or disk space as your website or application grows
  • VPS hosting can often be as cheap as larger shared hosting plans

Some people worry a lot about taking on a VPS or full server, and often this is down to their level of technical knowledge. They are concerned that the server won’t be set up properly or that there could be a lot of technical issues that they would not know how to fix.

However, there are many affordable services for initial server setup or monthly server management. If you use cPanel for your server, their support is very helpful and they can even provide recommendations for 24/7 server management teams. Of course, cPanel and WHM also make managing your websites and services much easier.

Regardless of whether you hire someone to set up the server, or take a course and do it yourself, a VPS or dedicated server can offer more speed, stability, and security over shared hosting services.

Having a server of your own also gives you a lot of flexibility with software. You, or the team you hire, can install any apps you need or desire. You are not limited to only what the hosting company permits or provides, as is such with shared hosting.

Dedicated servers are of course far more expensive than virtual private servers. Therefore, be sure to check if you really need a full server, or if a VPS could cover everything you need. Should VPS look like a good option, make sure you have root access for full setting flexibility. Another advantage of VPS hosting is that it is almost instantly upgradeable or downgrade-able, giving you ongoing flexibility on price and resources.

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By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
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