It Feels Like a Crime to Put a Case on the Nicest Smartphone Apple’s Ever Made


Apple’s iPhone 11 is minimalist and sleek in design, which is what attracts so many people to the smartphone in the first place. Unfortunately, most people feel like they are left with only two options after buying their new phone: maintain the sleek appearance by forgoing a case completely or ruin the phone’s slim aesthetic by applying a large, bulky case.

Lucky for iPhone 11 users, Kase has designed an ultra-thin iPhone 11 case that hardly feels like a case at all. At just 0.35mm thick, our cases are the thinnest buyers can find but still offer the protection they need from bumps and scratches. Our cases were made for the smartphone users who typically hate cases – keep reading to learn more!

It Feels Like a Crime to Put a Case on the Nicest Smartphone Apple's Ever Made
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Why iPhone Users Should Avoid Bulky Cases

The iPhone’s appeal is that is slim, sleek, minimalist, and lightweight. These are the features which attract smartphone users to the product in the first place, so why would anyone want to change these things about the phone after purchase?

Most cases on the market today add an excessive amount of bulk to the iPhone. Smartphone users have been convinced that these large, clumsy, and rugged cases are the only way that they can protect their phone from the inevitable wear and tear that comes from every day, minor drops, and scratches. But that isn’t true!

Bulky cases offer more hassle than protection, making the iPhone more difficult to hold, unable to fit smoothly in pockets, and – in a lot of situations – more challenging to operate comfortably. Smartphone users can avoid this hassle and still protect their phones by choosing the ultra-thin iPhone 11 case by Kase.

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Why Case-Haters Should Choose Kase’s iPhone 11 Pro Slim Case

Kase’s original ultra-thin phone cases are hardly even noticeable once they are applied to the iPhone. Extremely thin and incredibly lightweight, most of our customers report that they can’t feel any difference in the use and feel of their phone before and after applying the case.

The iPhone and iPhone 11 Pro Slim Case that we sell measures only 0.35mm thick, adding just enough of a buffer to protect the smartphone from scratches, everyday wear, and minor bumps but maintaining the sleek aesthetic. The case features precise cut-outs for all iPhone components, a smooth and easy-to-grip texture, and a minimalist design that will keep the phone looking as stylish as ever.

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