Jackery’s portable power station and solar panels are currently 30% off for today only

Portable power is something that has become crucial for many people, and it’s used in a variety of different ways. Odds are that if you’ve ever looked for a high powered portable power station, you’ve come across the Jackery brand. The company has been making these since 2015, and has a variety of options available to purchase.

Thanks to a one-day deal at Amazon, two of Jackery’s most popular products are 30% off for the day. With this sale, you can pick up the Portable Power Station Explorer 240 for just $174.99 and the SolarSaga 60W Solar Panel for just $125.99. Normally, these sell for $250 and $180 respectively.

Jackery’s portable power station and solar panels are currently 30% off for today only

Jackery released the Power Station Explorer 240 in 2018, and the SolarSaga Panel earlier this year, and neither of them has been discounted in the past few months. It’s odd when you don’t see Black Friday bring a discount to a product, but that’s what happened here, so you won’t want to miss out on your limited-time opportunity to save.

These products are not quite as portable as some of the others out there, but there is a reason behind all this. You won’t be packing this Power Station in a travel bag, but you can easily use it if you go camping, spend the weekends in an RV, or just like to be outside for long periods of time without easy access to a power supply for your gear. One of the coolest parts here is that you can use the solar panel that’s discounted to recharge the Power Station in just seven hours.

Jackery’s portable power station and solar panels are currently 30% off for today only

The outdoors isn’t the only place that the Power Station becomes very useful. If you happen to live in an area that has frequent power outages from storms or for other reasons, having one of these around is a great idea. The Power Station Explorer 240 has a single DC port, a 110V, 200W AC port, and two USB ports. You can control the power to each of these individually, giving you more control over how long it can last for those times when you are expecting to be without power for a longer period.

It has a display that shows you how much power is left inside, along with how many watts are being input or output from it. With over 800 reviews at Amazon, the Power Station 240 maintains an extremely impressive 4.8 out of 5 star rating. This makes it the most-reviewed and best-reviewed portable power station that is sold on the site.

Jackery’s portable power station and solar panels are currently 30% off for today only

The solar panel can be used with the Power Station that’s on sale, or on its own. It folds up and has a handle of its own so that you can easily carry it around with you while out and about. It plugs directly into the Power Station, but if you want to use it on its own you can. There’s an included adapter that gives you a USB-A and USB-C connector for charging your phones, tablets, and other small devices.

With the holidays right around the corner, you may still be looking for gifts for the person on your list who already has it all. Either of these on their own makes a great gift, but if you really want to give someone the gift of green power, combine the two of them so that they can easily keep their devices powered up from anywhere.

Jackery also sells both of these items in larger and smaller sizes, along with portable batteries and more. While these are good for most people, you may find yourself wanting something else. Amazon has a variety of Jackery’s other products on sale at various discount amounts as well.

These discounts are only good for December 14, so you won’t want to think about these for too long. Grab some now, before the discounts disappear.