Jamf Now Lets Small Businesses Easily Manage Apple Devices

Whether you’re trying to launch a small business, or keep a successful organization thriving, all entrepreneurs face the same challenges with the overhead of managing employee devices. From onboarding to maintenance, and of course, upholding security best practices, the attention required to keep those devices (and their owners) fully functional can get prohibitively expensive. Jamf Now seeks to change that. This Apple-forward, cloud-based platform makes managing and securing an organization’s devices easy and affordable — it even allows your core team to manage employee updates without needing to hire a specialist.

Jamf Now takes the burden out of mobile device management, simplifying the entire process with remote setup and configuration capabilities. You can create different Blueprints for groups of devices — so you can ensure apps, settings, and restrictions are just the way you need them to be for your different teams.

Jamf Now

The platform also helps you save time with ongoing device management: from one hub, you can view device details, see how much free disk space your team has, and even centrally deploy apps or handle those app updates automatically. Jamf Now is also a convenient way to keep track of inventory (i.e., those expensive Apple devices) and push OS updates to maintain device security and health.

Even better, Jamf Now helps protect sensitive information about your company, customers, and employees with powerful drive encryption and passcode requirements. In the case that an employee loses their device, you have the authority to remotely lock or wipe it, so that data stays secure.

It’s the most effective way to manage your entire organization’s devices, and right now, Jamf Now is offering a deal where management of your first three devices is absolutely free. Sign up here and see if the service is right for you.