Apple products are capable machines that can carry out enterprise functions. Small and mid-sized businesses usually rely on MacBook, iPad and iPhone devices for customer service, employee use and more. But managing all of those devices can be time consuming, especially if IT isn’t your day job. The solution? Jamf Now.

Jamf Now Review Apple Device Management & Security Made Easy

What is Jamf Now?

Jamf Now is an MDM solution designed to help companies set up, manage, and secure their Apple devices, making it an easily accessible solution for all your device management needs.  

For more power, the Jamf Fundamentals plan is an enhanced offering with all the functionality of Jamf Now plus Malware Prevention, Password Sync, Self Service and more.

Jamf Now Features

Jamf Now Review Apple Device Management & Security Made Easy

Jamf Now is the ideal solution for small to medium-sized businesses that want to manage their Apple devices from one central platform. It can accommodate a growing business while staying user-friendly and intuitive.

Jamf Now makes device management tasks easy such as:

  • Configuring Wi-Fi and email settings
  • Deploying apps and reassigning licenses
  • Securing sensitive company data
  • Enforcing passcodes
  • Remotely wiping and locking lost or stolen devices
  • Manage operating system updates


Jamf Now Review Apple Device Management & Security Made Easy

Jamf Now also offers security features for your Apple devices. There are Lost Mode and remote lock and wipe capabilities, as well as the standard two-step verification, restrictions, disk encryption and passcode requirements.

Business owners can set restrictions on enrolled devices, as well as customize settings as needed. If a device is lost, you’ll have the option to disable and locate the iPad or iPhone without compromising an employee’s privacy. You can even choose to activate remote wipe or lock so the devices won’t become a security threat or an asset you should worry about.

The Jamf Fundamentals plan contains extra security features including Malware Prevention to help prevent malicious software and other threats from running on Mac devices in your environment. And Password Sync, which helps keep the Mac password in sync with cloud credentials, leveraging a single identity for everything users need to be productive.


Jamf Now Review Apple Device Management & Security Made Easy

Management is an important business aspect regardless of size. In today’s world, more and more people are using technology, and this includes business owners.

Core MDM capabilities in Jamf Now, such as Blueprints, industry recommendations and group device customizations, are in full force here. Going further, business owners can choose to have specific apps installed or restricted.

It’s possible to set a single iPad into a dedicated POS or kiosk display via single app mode. OS updates are mostly carried out through automated enrollment – businesses can choose to push them on all devices or specific ones depending on their function.

Jamf Now also helps keep track of device information such as settings, deployed apps, OS serial number and assigned name. All of this information can be found in the Jamf Now dashboard, and you won’t need to spend more than an hour getting familiarized and where you need to go.

The Jamf Fundamentals plan contains additional management features including deployment of macOS packages, custom apps and custom profiles as well as Self Service, an on-demand Mac App catalog that provides a list of organization-approved Mac App Store and third-party apps.

Interface and Device Setup

Jamf Now Review Apple Device Management & Security Made Easy

Jamf Now offers quick deployment and setup in a flash. App distribution with Jamf Now is a simple process when you integrate with volume purchasing in Apple Business Manager. 

You can reassign and reclaim apps as needed too. The MDM platform also supports the most popular email clients such as Yahoo!, Gmail and Microsoft Exchange. All in all, it makes running software, apps and tools on Apple devices easy.


Need help? Jamf Now has you covered with email and chat. And for added support, Jamf Fundamentals also includes phone support, so you can get the help you need in a variety of communication mediums.


Jamf Now Review Apple Device Management & Security Made Easy

Jamf Now only costs $2 per device monthly and the first three devices are free. Plus, you get all the features mentioned in an easy-to-understand interface.

Jamf Fundamentals plan costs $4 per device monthly. The first three devices are free. You get Jamf Now as well as a slew of extra features and the core Apple Enterprise Management system.

Should You Try Jamf Now?

Businesses who use Apple technology should definitely try Jamf Now for a no-fuss MDM solution. And as you grow, you can get the Jamf Fundamentals plan for additional management and security features.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.