Keep the YouTube videos on fingertips: know about top video downloader for Mac

YouTube is the new life savior in our generation. People love to stream online videos using YouTube, but wait do you want to download a video for any reason? Storing video on Mac is no more a big deal now. If you want to store a video for playing it offline while traveling from one place to another or want to capture some of the favorite clips, then you are at the right spot. Saving content is the new trend for Mac owners. 

Today we will know about some of the tools that can be used to save YouTube videos. Most of these tools utilize URL to save the content. The hustle lies in searching such an efficient YouTube video downloader over the web. However, you don’t have to worry about that because we are here to provide the list of relevant YouTube video downloader for Mac.

Keep the YouTube videos on fingertips: know about top video downloader for Mac

Comparison between top YouTube downloader

  • Using Airy to download YouTube movies for Mac

Airy is an application used to download YouTube movies in different resolutions including HD and UltraHD. This application has been created to download some of the private as well as age-restricted clips after login from the YouTube account.

It is one of the great applications, providing vivid experience through pause and resume while downloading. This means you can have a checkpoint while downloading the content, from where you may continue to download even after a long pause.

Steps for the installation of Airy on Mac:

  1. Search for the Airy application on the web, install its executable file. Then, activate the application to the full version. If you want to download on or two YouTube files, then you can avail of the free service.
  2. To make use of Airy, open YouTube and search for video, or clip you want to download in a web browser. You need to copy the URL and paste the same in Airy.
  3. Now, you have to select the file format of the video or clip. To process the heavy downloading file, Air will take some time to function.
  4. If the file is ready, then you may click the download button. You are going to get the downloaded files in the specified folder.


  • Airy application is known for downloading whole categories, channels, or playlist files from YouTube every time by a single click. You can easily extract the MP3 file using Airy.


  • Only two downloads are allowed in the free version.

Charges: $19.95

  • Use Elmedia Player to download and stream video content 

Another best tool to engross in the world of movies is Elmedia Player. This application facilitates user to save videos from YouTube as well as allows the user to watch ad-free content. The user can easily download audio and transform it into different types of file formats while streaming using AirPlay.

The features of Elmedia Player are quite tempting. Elmedia Player allows the user to perform below-mentioned functions:

  1. You can create curate playlists by organizing the download.
  2. You can simply play YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo videos without downloading in the application.
  3. This app allows the user to read and convert a file into different formats such as MP3 into MKV.
  4. Audio tracks can be extracted from YouTube Videos.
  5. Apple user can simply stream all the media content which supports AirPlay. 


  • Interactive and simple interface
  • Every video and audio format is available
  • Wide range of streaming options.


  • The wide range of features can confuse a newbie user.


$19.95 for Pro user

$9.99 per month subscription charges

  • Experience ultimate downloading service with Folx app

Folx application is yet another tremendous choice for downloading large content. It combines all the features of torrent client and downloads manager application; everything will be available to your Mac by just a click.

Folx also provides all the services to the user by using the URL of the YouTube video. Open Folx with your browser, paste the YouTube video URL you want to download on the search bar, or touch the plus button > paste the copied link from YouTube. Wait for few seconds for the download preparation and, then tap Ok. Just by a click, the video is there in the download folder.

The user can navigate through the various sections such as in-built torrent clients especially available for the pro plan users. When you want to speed up it more, go to settings, then click on preferences and select smart speed option.


  • Appends all the features of torrent search
  • Highly optimized speed
  • The clear sequence of downloading tasks with auto-resume feature


  • Pro features are not available for a free trial


$19.95 for Folx Pro License

Starts with $9.99 monthly with more than 150 apps on Setapp

  • Saving YouTube videos goes easy with Downie

Downie is one of the simplest YouTube downloaders in the whole market. You need to fetch the link, insert it into the application, a few seconds later the content starts travelling to Mac.

Using the browser extension, everything goes so simple and easy. The extension isn’t required to be downloaded separately; updating the settings in the browser preferences will do it in just a click. Downie has an extraordinary feature of scanning the links of text files to save the video content.

To be more precise, Downie is an application that has the power to make your time worth cherishing by downloading the media files so smoothly. You must be thinking that how to align this app with your browser, here is the to-do list:

  1. The simple mode will help you in keeping the distractions away by clicking on General option in Settings, and, then select a preference to enable the simple mode. This mode is suitable for the user who gets distracted by the presence of a downloading bar on the screen.  
  2. You can search the YouTube videos by just a swipe in the right of the application. Downie emerges as a time saviour warrior. No need to open the browser for video search.
  3. A music lover desires to only download the audio of any music video, YouTube concerts, and albums. You just need to set the Downie to MP3 mode by opening preferences, then select Post-processing and enforce the MP3 option there.

Downie is a media downloader known for its automatic conversion capabilities such as it cans conversion of videos into MP4, in case you want to avail all the options there is Permute for help. It offers all the different media formats for both audio and videos. Permute is the additional application developed by the same developer’s team named as the software of Charlie Monroe. To access a wide range of services you may avail of both of them at a discount. Setapp offers both Downie and Permute applications.


  • Interactive User Interface
  • Functions can be customized according to the requirement.
  • It supports 4K.
  • YouTube video converter is integrated with it.


  • The option of file conversion is limited


On separate purchase, it will cost $19.99

For a combination of Downie and Permute, it will cost around $26.99

Monthly subscription will cost $9.99 for Downie, Permute as well as more than 150 apps on Setapp

We have mentioned the list of media downloader which will help you to cherish the streaming experience. YouTube is the sea of media content. One will surely need a good YouTube to MP4 application. We are hoping that the enlisted application will help you in converting the media.