Kicksta Review


Success on social media mainly relies on two things- follower count and regular interaction with them.

Kicksta Review

Enter Kicksta, a social media growth tool for Instagram that can give your profile a nice jumpstart. Can you achieve massive success with Kicksta as your driver?

What is Kicksta?

Kicksta Review

Kicksta is a growth service designed for Instagram.

The tool offers real Instagram followers that aren’t just randomly picked- they’re the ideal audience who you want to be part of your audience and community.

Specifically, the followers you get from Kicksta have a profile that’s similar to yours in terms of niche and competition. That said, these people are likely to continue following you or interact with you because they’re interested in your brand.

Kicksta is different from buying likes or followers on Instagram, which is likely to get you banned. The mechanism of acquiring Instagram followers is organic as it builds through authentic connections and meaningful engagements.

Kicksta Features

Kicksta Review

Organic Growth

With Kicksta you can rely on the tool to build up your follower count while you focus on the more important things, such as engagement and creating a connection with the community.

Kicksta offers organic growth in Standard Plan or Premium Plan. After you sign up the growth tool goes to work and does the liking, following and adding in your behalf.

This natural method of engagement is better compared to just getting a company to buy followers in exchange for money. The followers you acquire in Kicksta will already be interested in your brand and are likely to stick around for longer.

AI Powered Automation

Artificial intelligence powers Kicksta’s service, which sifts through the millions of people on Instagram to find the right ones for your brand.

What we like about the AI technology is that it’s faster compared to manually having to find influencers and brands of the same niche. Less time spent sifting through the crowd means you’ll be one step ahead of the competition.

Smart and Secure

After signing up you’ll be assigned an account manager who will take a look at your profile and determine the type of niche or industry you’re in. Kicksta will then start targeting the most popular Instagram account’s followers via AI and send out likes and invites.

Like any respectable growth tool company out there Kicksta has advanced security measures in place so your account is protected. You won’t need to provide your credentials to start gaining more Instagram followers.


Kicksta Review

A quick look at the Kicksta websites reveals two pricing plans- the Standard Plan and the Premium Plan.

The Standard Plan costs $49 a month per user and offers moderate growth speed, video onboarding and 10 targets.

The Premium Plan costs $99 a month per user and offers maximum growth speed, video onboarding, 40 targets, VIP email support, live chat support, advanced targeting and blacklisting.

Kicksta starts working on your account within 24 hours of signing up. You’ll get a confirmation email on when the growth tool has started getting you more followers.

Is It Safe?

Kicksta is safer compared to buying followers and likes on Instagram.

You won’t need to give up your Instagram credentials in order to get the growth tool.

Kicksta also has pro-customer features you’ll like, including the 14 day money back guarantee and quick cancel feature.

Since the method of acquiring followers is organic, you won’t get banned or have your account frozen by Instagram moderators.

Pros and Cons


– Great value for money

– Automated growth on Instagram

– No contract and has a money back guarantee


– Incomplete FAQ on website

Kicksta is one of the leading Instagram growth tools you can use to boost your follower count. The majority of customers who have used it are happy and satisfied. Try it today!

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