Last Minute Presentation? Focus on the Content; Outsource the Technicalities


Preparing a presentation can be quite a task. The last minute ones seem to be all the more taxing. There is so much to do in the limited time you get. Deriving relevant data from various sources, creating high quality content, preparing flowcharts and tables, selecting the graphics, editing, formatting and choosing a unique design for the slide deck are among the host of tasks that need to be accomplished while preparing an effective presentation, not to mention rehearsing the pitch a couple of times and looking for an appropriate outfit to create the right impression.

Last Minute Presentation? Focus on the Content; Outsource the Technicalities

Each and every thing needs to be taken care of properly. But last minute presentations just don’t leave us with enough time to focus on each of these aspects minutely. So, do we have a solution here? Of course! The key here is to focus on the content and outsource the technicalities so that both the aspects can be handled professionally. Not sure how to go about it? You will know by the time you finish reading this article.

Focus on the Content

The content you include in the presentation is of utmost importance. You can seek assistance from the data analytics team to get the required data for your presentation. However, it can certainly not be used as it is. You need to create relevant content based on the available data to highlight your achievements. This can be planned in advance. Appropriate content also needs to be created to showcase the areas of improvement tactfully.

In case you are presenting a business plan to your potential client, you need to be all the more prepared and your content should be on point. The business idea must be presented strategically focusing on the pros of your product and how it can bring about a revolution in the market and at the same time connect with the audience. You must do a thorough market study and create impressive content to win over the client.

Outsource the Technicalities

What are the technicalities involved in a presentation? Well, the designing, formatting and other similar tasks come under this umbrella term. It is crucial to handle all these aspects as efficiently as the content part in order to capture the interest of your seniors/ clients. However, all these tasks can be really time-consuming. The best way out here is to outsource them. But who will accomplish these at such a short notice? Well, in case you aren’t aware, there are organizations that offer a variety of PowerPoint templates for preparing presentations on different subjects/ sectors.  SlideModel presentation templates are one of the best examples. Available in different kinds of innovative and attractive designs, these slide templates can easily be edited and used for virtually any presentation need. With these at hand, you have the design ready and the formatting part is also taken care of largely.

Design from scratch or using a template?

This dilemma is interesting, but studies have demonstrated that using templates you can save a lot of hours of valuable time. Pre-built presentation templates not only serve as a quick and easy starting point for certain repetitive presentations, but also to ensure consistency when working on corporate presentations that requires to keep a certain level of consistency between the slides. By using pre-designed templates you can keep most of these elements in the right place, and focus on adding the presentation content.


Choosing between various professionally designed templates does not take much time using the proper presentation template resources. Slide & presentation templates help the presentation designer and template to customize the content easily, with no hassle, and save hours at the time of designing the presentation. The saved time can be used to rehearse the presentation, which is key to make a presentation a success. So, you can focus on other aspects to ensure your presentation scores well on all the arenas.

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