Live The Times brings Smart Watches to Life with Custom Watch Faces

Looking for a super crisp, high resolution watch face for your Google Wear OS smartwatch?

It’s all about living in the moment. Or more specifically, a watch face app company by the name of Live The Times.

Live The Times offers top quality Watch Face apps for Wear OS on Google-based smart watches. The striking and attractive design is equal to how the app tells time. Plus, the watch faces you get with Live The Times is customized, which means Android smartwatches will never be the same!

Round or Square Smartwatch? No Problem

Live the Times has made sure all its watch face apps are compatible with virtually all smartwatches in the market today.

Android OS watches come in every shape and size, but the company somehow has managed to make their app look absolutely stunning on every model. No matter the brand or version of your smart watch you can be sure that the watch face you want will fit right in!

Huawei, Samsung, LG and More Are Supported

In the same vein the watch face app industry is spread across brands such as LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola, Sony and more. Live The Times adds support to all of them so you can install the app and have a nice-looking watch face you can show your friends.

Forget boring watch faces for your Google smart watch- Live The Times has created a variety of apps you can install on your wear OS device. These are customized watch faces that bring out the best in terms of design. Try it today!

About Live The Times

Live The Times is a team of developers who strive to make wearOS an interesting place by introducing custom watch face apps.

The apps can be downloaded in the Google Play Store. Look out for Animated Flames, Electric Energy and Executive Gold watch faces, to name a few.

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