iMac 2019 Wishlist: Updated design, touch support, budget friendly

Abhay Ram
By Abhay Ram - News Editor
iMac 2019 [Image for representational purpose]
iMac 2019 [Image for representational purpose]

Apple released the current sleek iMac design in 2012 at its yearly October Mac/iPad event. Since then, the company updated the internals of the machine but hasn’t made any changes to the build and design of the same. Also to be noted is that, the design of the current iMac is the same as the one released in the year 2009. The only difference would be that, Apple ditched the SuperDrive with the 2012 iMac and made it thin.

This October will mark the 7th anniversary of the current thin iMac look and if the design is to be considered, it would be the 10th anniversary of the same. Well, there’s nothing wrong with the current design; if ain’t broke, don’t change it. However, it’d be nice if Apple could offer something fresh, to compete with the likes of the Surface Studio.

iMac 2019 [Image for representational purpose]

Cut the bezels

2018 MacBook Air has relatively thin bezels

Apple cut the bezels of the MacBook Pro in 2016 and also gave the same treatment to the MacBook Air with its 2018 model. It would be nice to see an iMac with razor thin bezels or at-least a completely dark border to make the content stand out rather than the frame.

Also, the Apple logo could be removed from the front, as its already on the back of the machine. However, the current iMac uses the frontal logo space to accommodate hardware components. Only if Apple could figure out a way to push everything to the back and make the front “just display”.

Touch the display

Surface Studio supports touch based input
Surface Studio supports touch based input

Touch on laptops is pretty bad but it’s actually pretty useful on desktops. Take for example the Surface Studio, the display of the machine swivels to turn it into a drawing board. Along with that, Microsoft provides a sticky dial and a stylus to work with the display. Considering the fact that, Macs are generally popular with the “creative heads”, it would make sense for Apple to also offer a touch version along with the normal machines.

The Price

iMac dorsal

Few months ago, the internet was swirling with rumours that, Apple was ready to offer a cheaper iMac. Apple did release a lower cost $1099 iMac but it would be nice if Apple could actually offer a sub $1000 machine. It could do so by keeping the same design for the cheaper model to cut the R&D costs. Similar to the way, Apple released the iPhone SE while keeping the design from the iPhone 5S whereas the internals were of the iPhone 6S.

By Abhay Ram News Editor
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