MacBook Air has always been considered as the coffee shop laptop, something that you could carry around with ease. Well, the product was always inexpensive for the quality it provided and for its longevity. However, things have changed dramatically since the time when MacBook Air was considered as the best machine for almost everyone.

iPad vs MacBook

Recently, I penned an article on the current state of MacBooks while stating the facts as to why buying a MacBook is a difficult task now. Following up on that, the recently released MacBook Air is a great machine if you have $1200+ to spend and are ready to deal with the issues it may suffer from in the future.


Buying a MacBook has never been more difficult

To give a gist on why the new MacBook are not loved by the masses is because of its price, the keyboard, the display issues which may (or may not) happen, etc. Without delving much into the MacBook fiascos, I’d like to present the narrative which Apple appears to be presenting.

Steve Jobs predicted that, the postPC era would soon kick off. However, it hasn’t exactly taken place the same way he pictured it. It was said that, the desktops and laptops would soon be replaced by tablets like the iPad. When Apple unveiled the iPad, it was described by many as the device that revolutionize an industry.


Steve Jobs unveiling the iPad

Nonetheless, the iPad is very much considered as a device for quick Netflixing, a cheap backup laptop for quick work like documentation, video calling device, and reading/writing. It may not be visible upfront but it seems like Apple wants to push these devices more as everyone software maker wants to fuse the laptop and the tablet.

Last year, Apple unveiled the iPad Pro which is definitely a game changer; it can do so much more compared to the previous iPads. It supports the industry standard USB-C connection, better multitasking, and CPU power which could beat many laptops. Also, the keyboards have become the standard accessory of an iPad which makes it an almost iPad.

iPad Pro has a single USB-C port

Apart from the iPad Pro, the other cheaper option is the $329 iPad which is a good tablet for almost everything but it’s just not smooth as the Pro version. Also, it supports bluetooth keyboards and the Apple Pencil.

But why is it important for the iPad to win and the Mac to lose? That’s not exactly the narrative because Apple has to keep making the Macs because that’s the platform which makes creation of iPad apps possible. However, in the process does seem to have forgotten that, it has begun to max out customers with its Mac laptops.


In an article at Telangana Today after the launch of the 2016 MacBook Pro, I wrote about the reason why some tech products turn expensive. To repeat it, when the demand for a specific product goes down but it has to continue to be sold, a company has to increase the price of the product as the parts of the price increases because of the dwindling demand. Manufacturing and assembling a high volume product is cheaper because there would be no doubts of a dwindling but catering to a smaller group is difficult as investing on manufacturing for a small user base is not efficient.

However, it appears as if Apple doesn’t understand that, the Macs are here to stay. Maybe that’s actually not the reason but that’s something The Verge had to share on the demand and price of tech products. We have no way of knowing why Macs have begun to turn expensive but with this article I share my point of view.

Sketching on an iPad

Well, with the iPads being treated much better than the Macs, if you have limited use cases of a computer like writing, sketching, and browsing; the iPads are finally worthy contenders to the laptops. So, with the MacBooks plagued with issues at the moment, it would be wise to spend your hard earned money on an iPad.

To top it off, don’t forget to invest in Apple Care, the extended warranty which is worth every single buck.


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