The poorly designed MacBook Pro 2018 is not something one should buy

Macbook Pro 2018

I noticed something confusing within 1 minute of using my new MacBook Pro 2018. My palm and thumb kept touching the big trackpad, both when you use the trackpad or type anything.

it is an inconvenience as it detects the brush as a tap, resulting in a random movement of the cursor over the screen, causing all kinds of disturbance.

“Don’t Worry?” I thought. “I’ll just quickly google search for the palm rejections and fix the issue” That was when I learned that it wasn’t just me who was suffering from this and there were no such settings in macOS to fix this issue.

People have been complaining about this since the 2015 MacBook Pro release of Apple’s super-sized trackpad, with the problem appearing to be worse – judging user feedback – with the 2016 MacBook Pro 15-inch.

While several seem pleased with having a larger surface of the trackpad, many feel the trackpad is extremely big and gets in the way of typing. Others like the bigger trackpad but want Apple to have a better capacity for palm rejection built into macOS to allow the operating system to ignore the accidental brushes.

Nevertheless, We’re out of luck.

Some owners are remarkably disappointed that they applied tape strips to the trackpad to try to reduce accidental taps and brushes. It’s an unpleasant solution to a problem that could be solved by Apple with programming. After all, Apple’s iPad has built-in software’s excellent palm rejection capability.

The poorly designed MacBook Pro 2018 is not something one should buy 1

It’s almost as if Apple was so focused on wanting a larger trackpad to distinguish the laptops from earlier models that it didn’t consider how they could be used.

I wish I will learn to use the larger trackpad. However, I’m not 100 per cent confident after reading the experiences and problem’s other people faced.

If you are still interested in buying MacBook Pro, you can consider buying 2015 Edition or to wait for a little for 2019 MacBook Pro which would be releasing this September.

  1. The info-graphic for the heading of your article, which shows a fake MacBook Pro with an obnoxiously wide touchpad, is extremely misleading and deceptive; people might actually believe that’s what it actually looks like. 

  2. You obviously don’t know how to type properly (really). Any typist who has been properly trained knows that one does not rest one’s palm and/or thumb on the keyboard OR the area in front of the keyboard when typing. Ask any professional secretary.

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