MacKeeper Review


MacKeeper has undergone several iterations before getting a complete refresh in MacKeeper 5.

MacKeeper Review

At its core, MacKeeper is a suite of tools designed to keep your Mac speedy, safe, and free from malware, viruses, and unwanted programs.

We take a closer look at the software in this MacKeeper review.

Setup and Installation

Right off the bat, we were impressed by how clean and intuitive the MacKeeper website looked. Finding the download section took no more than 20 seconds, and after a minute the software was installed on our MacBook.

MacKeeper Review

We were presented with an equally clean interface when the app was opened. The usual layout of options could be found on the left side, and most of the window space is taken by a central block, kind of like a setup wizard for those who want a personalized experience.

Clicking on the ‘Start Full Scan’ will make MacKeeper check your Mac on four aspects, namely Security, Privacy, Performance, and Cleaning. After about 15 minutes MacKeeper presented the results and included a Review link on how you can fix them.

MacKeeper Review

You can either do each aspect manually or have MacKeeper fix it via the one-click process. This time, we chose ‘Fix Items Safely’ and allowed the software to do its magic.

MacKeeper Features

After the ‘Find & Fix’ wizard we delved into the Cleaning, Performance, Security, and Privacy Sub-Sections.


MacKeeper Review

MacKeeper Antivirus tool alone makes the app a worthy purchase. Their scanner is a lot quicker compared to rivals and has managed to detect threats and move them to a quarantined state. From there, we were able to delete the files without encountering any issues.

MacKeeper Review

The app’s adware cleaner worked in similar regard and managed to fish out several ones that were lurking in the computer for months. Understandably, the cleaner works faster than the antivirus, and it’s nice to be able to do this without worrying about slowdowns.


MacKeeper Review

Under the Privacy aspect are three items- ID Theft Guard, Private Connect, and StopAd.

ID Theft Guard is like a personal assistant that checks if your email address has been involved in data breaches and hack attempts. All you have to do is add the email address, then click on ‘Start Scan’, then wait for the results.

MacKeeper Review

It’s nice that MacKeeper has a built-in VPN service in the form of Private Connect. Here, your internet activity will be masked once activated and the controls are pretty simple. Just choose a server (or let MacKeeper pick one for you), then click on ‘Turn On’ and continue browsing as you like. Best of all, there’s no bandwidth limit as long as you’re subscribed to the plan.

MacKeeper Review

Last but not least is the StopAd, an ad blocker extension that stops online trackers on Google Chrome and Safari. This effectively replaces your ad blocker and works just as well with the best of them.


MacKeeper Review

It’s essential to keep your Mac running well at all times. Things such as junk files, memory vampires, and startup apps can quickly drag your computer down to a sub-optimal state. Luckily, you can keep an eye on them with Login Items, Update Tracker, and Memory Cleaner.

Update Tracker automates the updating of apps so you’ll always be current. Login Items can prove to be an eye-opener especially for those who have a lot of background programs. Our Mac became more responsive once we rooted out several unwanted software on the first try.


MacKeeper Review

MacKeeper has a few more tricks up its sleeve, namely Duplicate Finder, Safe Cleanup, and Smart Uninstaller.

In Mac (and Windows), simply uninstalling or dragging the software to the trash bin is not enough. There will be residual files, registries, and folders that eventually clutter up your system and make it slower. This is where Smart Uninstaller comes into play – it’s essentially an advanced version of your computer’s uninstaller and one that does a more thorough job.

MacKeeper Review

Duplicate Finder does exactly what it says – finds files that share the same name and removes them with one click. Safe Cleanup has a similar approach – it scans your computer and eliminates junk files such as caches, logs, and languages, and frees up storage space.


MacKeeper will grow on you and prove it’s worth time and time again with a slew of useful tools. It’s a must-have for all Mac users.

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