Magento alternatives to consider in 2021

Magento is a known name in the field of eCommerce platforms for businesses. It is a platform with a long legacy of being the choice for enterprises due to its advantages and beneficial features. However, it comes with its set of drawbacks as well. There are specific cons of the platform that makes it not ideal for any and every business. Probably that is the reason you are on the hunt for a better alternative.

With Magento, the total budget of your business can take a toll. The total cost of ownership can be harsh on the pocket if you consider hosting, maintenance, development cost, security, design, etc. While Magento allows customization, it can also be complex for innovation and be better than your competitors.

Magento alternatives to consider in 2021


BetterCommerce, established in 2015, tops the list of the best Magento alternatives. It is an omnichannel eCommerce platform, ideal for businesses ranging from small to big. It empowers retailers to generate generous revenue and keep ahead of their competitors. Be it customer intelligence, functionality, or change implementation, BetterCommerce offers unparalleled performance.

BetterCommerce offers a wide range of features as default which, with other competitor platforms, one needs to buy using extra bucks. It is a platform built with a cent-per cent API-first philosophy that completely revolutionizes how an eCommerce platform can be customized or implemented. It offers stability to a business with the best-customized solutions that suit its budget and requirements. What may be the problem? We bring you the best Magento alternatives in the list below. Have a look and pick the one the best suits your venture.

Why is BetterCommerce the best pick out of the lot?

BetterCommerce is a platform that easily and swiftly integrates with your current system. This swift transfer helps you to be up and running again in absolutely no time such that no business time is lost in transition. Once your web store is live, you can be the sole controller of your store with minimum to no dependency on developers. BetterCommerce offers you a set of excellent business tools through BusinessHub that enables you to take complete charge of your business by yourself.


BigCommerce is yet another popular Magento alternative. It offers plenty of built-in sales tools that any of its competitors offer. BigCommerce offers customizable options, streamlined checkout experiences, ultra-fast web hosting, Google shopping integrations, etc., amongst various other impressive features. In addition, it combines its tools with multichannel and advanced SEO integrations for a flawless experience. BigCommerce is ideal for anyone looking to boost growing businesses.

This renowned Magento alternative focuses on growth and development. Established in 2009, BigCommerce serves in over 120 countries and has facilitated more than 25 billion dollar merchant sales. Like many other competitors, it offers a set of templates that lets you customize your site. Additionally, there are easy re-platforming steps, including bulk export and import features.


WooCommerce is unique as compared to other Magento alternatives. Instead of being a universal eCommerce solution, it is a plugin that works with WordPress. Meaning, if you have a self-hosted WordPress set up or buy a web hosting and install WordPress. WooCommerce is a user-friendly plugin once installed. However, to use it to its potential, you must be accustomed to WordPress. Also, there are plenty of other plugins that one can use with WordPress, and the majority of them easily integrate with WooCommerce.

You can boost your sales while using WooCommerce and offer your audience a discount coupon in exchange for their email ids. WooCommerce is a scalable platform, and as your business flourishes, your store generates more sales. Plus, there are no restrictions. WooCommerce brings you many extensions that are free to install, but some extensions require an extended payment. However, there are some additional costs like web hosting cost, SSL security cost, domain name cost, etc., that one must consider with WooCommerce.


Demandware is a popular name among brands, B2C businesses, and retailers. It comes with a good UI and can be deployed quickly. It is a cloud-based platform that promotes scalability. The Demandware updates have minimal impact on your system, and it also supports mobile web and microsites. It features a user-friendly UI that enables the eCommerce teams to concentrate more on their online business than the platform and its availability. Demandware will make it unnecessary for you to need third-party server hostings and tedious IT maintenance. In short, Demandware is quite a reliable eCommerce platform as a Magento alternative.

Big Cartel

Big Cartel is one of the unique Magento alternatives that was made with artists in mind. Ideal for growing online stores, Big Cartel offers you a platform to set up your store with excellent pre-existing themes. In addition, if you require more customization, you can tweak the CSS, JavaScript, HTML all by yourself. In short, if you are a coder, you would love Big Cartel.

Big Cartel is what you can call a ‘light’ eCommerce solution for your small-scale business. They offer a perfect mix of SEO real-time statistics, promotional tools, order management, etc., to get a small business up and running. Therefore, if you are starting with a small business and want a pocket-friendly and simple eCommerce platform to begin with, Big Cartel is your pick.


Established in 2007, PrestaShop is the next Magento alternative to look out for. PrestaShop is a free, open-source eCommerce solution that helps retailers build and manage web stores. It is a solution that one can scale up to fit an enterprise-size business or even a small size. Another offering of PrestaShop that users like is the large number of features that help seamless website management. However, in case there is a lack of functionality, there are plugins, both free and paid, that can be used

PrestaShop offers unlimited listings and various inventory management features like out-of-stock alerts, goods tracking, etc. With PrestaShop, you get access to simple import and export of data in the CSV format. It is a platform that is compatible with various third-party integrations and add-ons. Also, it lets your business go global with default support of seventy-five languages. Some added features of PrestaShop worth a mention are Customer emails automation, Visitors statistics, Multiple store management, Customizable checkout process, Cart abandonment notifications, Creation of custom promotions, Precise shipping estimation, and others.


X-Cart is the last one to make to the list of the best Magento alternatives. It is a flexible eCommerce platform that offers plenty of features and integration support that helps run a successful online business. The license plans of X-Cart covers both mid-sized and growing industries such that they can start and grow. It is a wholly managed hosting solution equipped with various features that helps automate almost every aspect of a sales process. With X-Cart, you can also improve the shopping experience of your customers using the available tools.

Online shoppers mostly shop using their smartphones. Therefore, X-Cart offers you a native mobile application that stays in perpetual sync with your web store. With many more customizable options, you can further intensify your comfort. Additionally, the process of checkout is seamless, which further boosts your conversion rate.

Final Thoughts

While choosing to relocate, you must carefully look into the platform’s offerings as you might not want to or have the potential to switch one more time again. So, well evaluate your requirements and the offerings of the eCommerce solutions before you settle for the one that best suits your business.