Make professional online forms using MightyForms


Your business could be struggling to create consistent branding and streamlined workflows.

Make professional online forms using MightyForms

If this is the case, then online forms can definitely come in handy.

Don’t have one of these in your business arsenal yet? MightyForms can help. It’s an all-in-one form builder that can bring many good things. All you’ll need to do is set the look, color and tone for branding purposes, then utilize its functions integrations for a more efficient workflow.

Why Use an Online Form Builder?

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When you use an online form creator like MightyForms, you’re guaranteed the following benefits:


Your businesses’ online survey can be made to match the branding of your website, including the logo, images, layout and background, among others. Once you have the look down pat, you can just create templates for your other forms and it will have the same exact branding look and feel.

Quicker Turnaround

With online forms there’s no need to hand out and wait for paper questionnaires to be returned. Data gathering is done automatically and you’ll have complete control over the information you want to obtain. Feedback can be achieved in real time as well.

Savings on Time and Resources

Online forms are versatile tools that can create customized and branded order forms, surveys, patient and online event registration pages, contact us pages, job applications and more.

With so much you can do in one platform your business will save money. Some of the things that will be eliminated include postage stamps, paper flyers, physical survey forms and manpower.

Visitor responses won’t have to be entered into a database as it’s done automatically, too. You can easily access and analyze results anytime.

Higher Response Rates

More than 50% of the world’s population own a smartphone, and the internet has become a global hub full of forums, discussions and conferences.

When you transition from physical to online forms you can tap into the potential of having a greater sample size and response rate. In fact, the world’s leading brands have already turned to the web to gather greater audiences.

Easy-to-Customize Forms

Online forms can be custom tailored such that questions that aren’t relevant for one person can be removed depending on the previous response. The user experience is vastly improved and they will be more likely to complete the questionnaire.

Use MightyForms Online Form Creator

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MightyForms allow you to create professional web forms that have your branding. You can create your own or choose from dozens of pre-made templates. It’s designed so you can update or make changes anytime you want.

Here are some of the most popular forms businesses use to gather data:

Job Application. Companies who post jobs online can set up an online job application form right on their websites.

Order Form. Seamlessly add e-commerce elements on your website by having a custom order form potential clients can fill out.

Surveys. Create business decisions based on an important part of your company- your customers.

Patient Registration. Healthcare companies can sign in new customers even when they’re not in-clinic.

Online Event Registration. Have attendees enter their information on the internet and book a seat in the comfort of their own homes.

You can also make these other web forms with MightyForms

– Time Off Request

– Referral Form

– Member Registration

– Training Course Sign Up

– Employee Performance Review

– Customer Satisfaction Survey

– Class Registration

and more!

You can rely on MightyForms when you need a versatile tool to drive conversions, capture leads and streamline form processing. The right form builder can unlock your company’s full potential when it comes to branding and forming meaningful relationships.

With MightyForms, you can track every iteration and enjoy real time data capture, as well as set up powerful flows in your sales funnel. There’s a form for every business! Start creating yours today.

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