Make Your iPhone A Drone With This Unique Case


Looking for the latest quirky gadget to compliment your iPhone? Well, look no further. CaseFace has released a blog post introducing the AEE Selfly Nano Drone. Yes it’s a drone, big deal, right? Well, the Selfly has an interesting twist, it also doubles up as a phone case. That’s right when you’re not using the Selfly to take amazing aerial shots, you can fold it up, clip it onto your iPhone and slip it neatly into your pocket.

Make Your iPhone A Drone With This Unique Case

Nano drones are not exactly new to the market but AEE’s Nano drone-cum-phone case takes it to the next level snatching the title for the smallest drone on the market.

Make Your iPhone A Drone With This Unique Case

Drone build and design

The truly in exceptional thing about this device is the size. Measuring just 5.6 x 2.8 x0.4 inches. It’s not much bigger than a rugged case when folded – small by any standards. With a weight of just 68g, you certainly won’t feel like you’re carrying around a drone in your pocket. A polycarbonate & carbon fibre combination allow for a robust constitution without adding to much weight

The camera quality

Tiny as it is, the Selfly manages to cram quite an impressive camera into its minute frame. You can record 720p video at 60 FPS and capture images at a resolution of 2560 x 1440 – not ground-breaking, but damn impressive for this little powerhouse. You get a field view of 60 degrees and the option of delay or single shoot modes.

Battery and flight time

I know what you’re thinking – tiny drone means tiny battery, right? Well. Yes but the Selfly still has a flight time of 4 minutes which is still pretty impressive. More than enough time to grab the perfect snap. Still not enough for you, AEE has stated you can use 2 batteries in conjunction to get a flight time of 9 minutes. Very impressive.

The Selfly is purported to fit any phone so this isn’t just good news for iPhone users. Everyone can enjoy it.


Lucy Bennett

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