As new technologies continue to emerge, humanity finds better and more innovative ways to improve the search for further information to enhance the overall quality of life. The latest computers and devices emerged to facilitate these endeavors.

Manipulating the Mobile-First Google Index with Expired Domains

When the first personal computers in the 1970s were introduced, people dreamed about having their own. Today, a new set of devices known as smartphones stole the spotlight, garnering around 3.5 billion smartphone users accounting for 45% of the population. And by 2025, 72% of individuals utilizing the internet will only access the web through their smartphones.

The internet and the way you use it go on a back-to-back process: as the internet reaches more and more people worldwide, you can simultaneously use the internet to reach your target audience despite distance restrictions. Thus, one of the smartest ways to make the most out of your online access is to let people know about your business.

Utilizing the Web for Business Purposes

In the business setting, promoting your products and services online are vital to set your business competitively. Online presence is a must for every business, and some companies who fail to do so typically struggle with reaching more people aside from their comfort zone.

After establishing your business’s website, the next challenge is to maintain them. Take note that your website will not function forever on the web, because the time will come that you’ll have to renew your domain. Yes, the website name will still exist, but its services and functions will not work according to how it should, which means no cash flow. On another end, did you know that incorporating expired domains are advantageous for your website?

Expired Domains for My Website’s Improvement? Sign Me Up!

When a website owner has failed to renew their domain for various reasons, it typically goes up for auction, and the highest bidder will acquire the domain. Subsequently, the expired domain’s SEO value and previous ranking power will transfer to the bid winner, which is the new owner, and thus provide many advantages for one’s website.

Because of this good news, brands aiming to boost their SEO rankings and value on the internet seek expired domains as their way to build authority. If you’re interested in integrating expired domains into your website, make sure to choose the right expired domains with good reputations from to get your money’s worth.

As your domain integration goes on seamlessly, you can try other ways aside from building website authority, such as:

  • employ them for backlinking, which is usually done in private blog networks (PBN)
  • redirect the expired domain to your website
  • sell these domains to gain profit

While competitive companies have successfully built their online presence, paved their way using expired domains, and a higher SEO ranking acquirement, another challenge came into the picture. Google, a leading company of internet occupations, shifted to an initiative in 2018 for web betterment, known as the mobile-first indexing. Due to this foreign rollout, several business domain owners encountered trouble to adapt to this new era of SEO competition.

What Is Mobile-First Indexing? How Can It Affect My Website?

In simpler terms, mobile-first Google indexing pertains to how Google arrange, index, and rank websites on their search engine by complying to the mobile-first principle. If your site has excellent mobile-first utilization, then you have better chances of ranking on Google’s first search results page.

The mobile-first design was introduced so that websites will design their content in a friendlier way when viewed on mobile. As an internet user, you might have encountered before that on some sites, you’ll have to zoom, pan, and scroll to find the information you need, which is utterly inconvenient. The new challenge for website owners is to look at the smartphone user’s perspective and improve its user interface accordingly.

Website owners might struggle to update their site according to the mobile-first, particularly if they have already integrated expired domains in their main websites with the need for website revisions and remodeling. Since expired domains are more likely to have followed the conventional way of designing content, they’re not very mobile-friendly, thus incorporating them into your primary website can be risky.

Manipulating the Mobile-First Google Index with Expired Domains

What Are the Impacts of Not Implementing Mobile-First Design Effectively on My Website?

Not adapting to the mobile-first indexing principle doesn’t mean that your site will never be found again, but it can also be in some way. Google will still index your web content but manage your expectations. They will put websites that followed the mobile-first interface first, along with other indexing criteria. Still, it is more likely that your content will be lower due to a lack of mobile-first implementation.

To reverse, or much better, prevent these negative impacts from happening on your website, you must know how to do two things concurrently: become a mobile-first website while still making use of expired domains, with one continuous goal: boost your SEO rankings and Google indexing.

Fortunately, here are some tips to take your website to a higher level:

  1. Configure the expired domain in a mobile-friendly way. If you’re going to utilize your expired domains for backlinking on your main site or the other way around, start making the expired domain mobile-friendly. It will not make any sense for a user if they have initially entered a mobile-first website, then the supposed useful links were inconvenient in mobile.
  2. Prioritize the dynamic aspects that users will primarily notice on your past content. Keep in mind that developing your website with links and content will not succeed overnight. If you already have content when the mobile-first rollout occurred, try working on making them friendly to the audience’s eyes before making future content. In this way, you can still get indexed positively despite no new content. Then, start from there and slowly introduce new content with links constructed according to mobile-first.
  3. Include other mobile-first websites when building your links. Along with expired domains, mixing a few other authority websites will do better than harm to your index reputation. But, ensure that these websites also implement the mobile-first principle to get better index rankings.


Don’t be frustrated at Google for its new, time- and effort-consuming initiative, mobile-first indexing, as you’ll have to do another website design again. After all, your website should always aim to improve and provide convenience for users, even if the mobile-first action was created or not in the first place.

Expired domains in this smartphone-oriented era shouldn’t be considered a disadvantage for website owners, but an encouragement. As long as you have the right skills and mindset for thriving your website despite market and technological challenges, you will get your way to the top with expired domains and a mobile-friendly interaction to your target audience.

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