Mark Your Calendars for BLUETTI’s Mother’s Day Sale


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and Bluetti is celebrating it by giving away premium mobile power stations and battery modules for its Mother’s Day sale.

Mark Your Calendars for BLUETTI's Mother's Day Sale

There’s a Bluetti product for everyone, whether for outdoor charging and power solutions or for emergency backups. Here are several gift ideas you can check out.

A Power Center That Adapts to Your Needs

You can be one of the first to own the newly-launched AC300 + B300 model. The AC300 is already a versatile power station that can accommodate up to four B300 units, which means an amazing total capacity of 12,288Wh. With the help of a Fusion Box Pro, you can chain together two AC300s and eight B300s to reach an astounding 24,576Wh through a 6,000W pure sine wave inverter.

The batteries can be charged at an impressive 2,400W solar input rate and at maximum 5,400W when you use other input options. It’s a 24/7 UPS home backup that ensures you still have power for a few days even when the grid goes down.

Mark Your Calendars for BLUETTI’s Mother’s Day Sale

A Station to Power Your Backyard Parties

Barbecues and backyard gatherings can be a bit dull without music or devices that provide entertainment. Bluetti solves the hassle of having to connect an extension from inside the house with the versatile AC200MAX.

A longtime favorite among energy enthusiasts, the AC200MAX is extremely portable and has a slew of output capabilities for virtually every audio, electronic and cooking gadget.

Backup Energy That Won’t Leave You in the Dark

Power outages are never fun, and you could get stuck with no electricity and not enough charge on your essential gadgets and appliances.

Solving this issue can be as simple as getting the AC200P and putting it in your home. It’s a dependable emergency power supply with sufficient hardware, such as 2,000W output and 2,000Wh capacity. With the AC200P you’ll still be able to power your refrigerator, hair dryer, coffee maker and your laptop and smartphone.

Mark Your Calendars for BLUETTI’s Mother’s Day Sale

A Travel Companion for Life’s Technological Comforts

The EB70 is sure to delight anyone who loves to explore the great outdoors. It’s light enough to be brought anywhere and has an ergonomic handle to make things easier. Connecting to a compatible solar panel such as the Bluetti PV200 or PV120 is a snap and provides virtually unlimited green energy as long as the sun is out.

A Mother’s Day Promotion for All

To make things a bit more interesting BLUETTI will be launching a Mother’s Day campaign on social media.

The #BLUETTIwithMom event occurs on Mother’s Day and on Instagram. Participants can share their most memorable or sweetest time with mom and post it on Instagram for a chance to win a free power station. To learn more, visit the official Instagram account of Bluetti Canada for rules and mechanics.

Mark Your Calendars for BLUETTI’s Mother’s Day Sale

The BLUETTI Mother’s Day promo runs May 8, Sunday and offers various discounts on select products. We recommend you visit the official BLUETTI website at to learn more.


Bluetti has 10-plus years of experience in the energy storage industry and offers the latest power stations with updated and new technology. The company’s mission is to provide green and renewable energy for modern living, outdoor explorers, off-grid enthusiasts, RVs and those who want a reliable power backup.

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