Maximize Your Spotify Premium Account With These Tips

Spotify premium costs a set amount per month and gives users easy access to their most favorite songs.

Right now, there are two kinds of Spotify subscriptions- a paid and free service. If you’re on the premium tier, it makes sense to maximize your Spotify experience so you can enjoy the advantages compared to the free tier.

Maximize Your Spotify Premium Account With These Tips

Here are some tips to do so.

1. Fiddle with the Settings

You’d think that Spotify settings are boring, but you’d be wrong.

It contains a wealth of useful features you can activate or deactivate, including Normalize Volume, Autoplay, Car View, Streaming Quality, Download Quality, Equalizer and more.

Make sure to take the time to set your preference for a truly personalized music experience. If you need help in changing your Spotify username and other tech tips, Webpro Education should be your first stop.

2. Listen Without the Internet

Streaming services mostly require an active internet connection, but Spotify has a neat feature that gives you full access to your music even when you’re offline.

Here’s how you do it- navigate to the music you want, then tap on the 3 dots to call up options and choose ‘Download’. The next time you open the app the music will be available to play.

3. Spotify Voice and Smart Assistants

Spotify Voice gives you control over what to play next and more on Spotify without having to touch or open your smartphone. What’s more, you can have smart assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa play your music by integrating them into your other devices.

Open the speaker or home assistant’s app and add in your Spotify account. Then, call up your Spotify playlist and get ready for some wireless listening. Access the ‘tap to speak’ function and your smart assistant will do the rest while you relax.