MicroTasking on iOs 14 Can Earn Some Big Crypto Coins, But Pay The Taxes

Earning money has become a little easier thanks to online opportunities. Micro tasking is one of the ways that someone with access to the internet can earn extra money at home.

Students, homemakers and anyone looking for an extra income have turned to doing micro jobs online. It is easy, convenient and legal.

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There are many sites that will allow anyone to earn money micro tasking, but not all of them all equal.

Here’s a look at the top five online micro task sites that are easy to get started with:


Guru offers a wide variety of micro-jobs that can be completed. It is considered one of the best micro task sites in 2020.

Anything from coding to web design, creative writing and language translation tasks can be found on Guru.

You can get started on completing micro tasks even if you’re not experienced or have any formal degrees.


MicroTasking on iOs 14 Can Earn Some Big Crypto Coins, But Pay The Taxes

This is another very popular site and has millions of freelancers finding jobs every day.

People can work with clients who need work completed and the micro tasks here can vary from simple to complicated.

Finding work will not be difficult – roughly three million are posted every year. There are many different categories to look for work in. Within the categories, work will be paid according to experience and quality.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Globally, Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the most popular micro task sites. Here, universities, businesses, researchers and more come to share and find work.

Some of the tasks that can be completed include creating reports, making Powerpoint presentations and filling in Excel sheets.

Normally, the tasks that are offered are placed by students, professors and entrepreneurs. Anyone who wants to complete these tasks can apply and see if they meet the ‘clients’ needs.

ProBlogger Marketplace

On the ProBlogger Marketplace, people interested in online work will find a wealth of jobs posted regularly.

As with the other similar sites, there are many kinds of micro-jobs to find. Web development, video editing, writing and link building are some of the tasks shared often.

ProBlogger has a more serious feel to the jobs that are posted because posters have to pay for posts. That way, it is made clear they’re willing to pay for quality work.


As the site’s name suggests, Freelancer is one of the most well-known sites where micro jobs can be found.

This is the pioneer of sites where jobs can be advertised and completed for fair payment.

With more than 25 million users that hail from over 240 countries, there are many micro-jobs to apply for.

Facebook Joins the Game

MicroTasking on iOs 14 Can Earn Some Big Crypto Coins, But Pay The Taxes

Facebook, the social media giant, introduced the ability for creators, media publishers, businesses and creators to earn money online.

The newly launched ability to earn from online events opens doors to new income for many users.

Facebook users who have pages can now charge for online events thanks to the platform’s partner monetization policies.

Users from 20 countries that include the UK, US, Australia and Brazil can ask for money.

Activities for which money can be asked include cooking classes, workout lessons and faith services.

For now, Facebook will not take any fees from these online events.

Cryptocurrency Are Taxed

In the United States, any cryptocurrency that is earned from completing tasks will be taxed.

Even tasks that pay out only $1 are taxable by the Internal Revenue Service. It is seen in the same light as an ordinary income.

Because cryptocurrency is a substitute for real currency, it is considered property for federal income tax purposes. As such, payment in bitcoin for a task completed will be taxed.

It doesn’t matter what the task is, if it is paid for by someone, the cryptocurrency payment will be considered taxable.

Easily Earn Cryptocurrency on Apple’s New iOS 14

MicroTasking on iOs 14 Can Earn Some Big Crypto Coins, But Pay The Taxes

Apple has released the brand new iOS 14 and it will be a great tool with which to earn cryptocurrency payments.

iOS 14, launched on 16 September, is now available as a free software update for iPhone 6s and later.

With redesigned and improved features, users can use their iPhones to earn cryptocurrency easily.

Micro task sites can be accessed and used with iPhones without any difficulties or problems.

Many tasks can also be completed on an iPhone if it has the required relevant apps installed. It all depends on the technicality of the micro job that needs to be completed.

Users must just remember that they have to pay taxes for any cryptocurrency earnings they make.