Mid-Year Sale 2021: Retro Wireless Keyboard Colors Your Summer

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett - Contributing Editor
Mid-Year Sale 2021: Retro Wireless Keyboard Colors Your Summer

With the advancement of society and the development of technology, things change dramatically over the years. For example, the past few years have witnessed a common social phenomenon that people have become progressively reliant on computers. Computer series products like mechanical keyboards, wireless mice, calculators, and others are growing favored worldwide. It’s not a tricky thing to purchase them through the Internet. However, buying a retro wireless keyboard and its series with alluring functions at an excellent price is quite troublesome.

Consider this, and it is pretty worth mentioning Lofree has various retro wireless keyboards with charming appearance and features at a considerable discount during this summer!

Mid-Year Sale 2021: Retro Wireless Keyboard Colors Your Summer

Why choose a wireless keyboard?

Wireless keyboards and mice are not uncommon in today’s society. With their conspicuous merits, they are welcomed by a copious number of people. Here are some predominant advantages:

. Convenience

Retro wireless keyboards or colorful wireless mice are not limited to space. With the function of Bluetooth, Lofree keyboards achieve the goal that products can be portable everywhere. Whether you are in the office, at home, or on a trip, wireless keyboards won’t make you disenchanted. Moreover, retro wireless keyboards are uncomplicated to install or set up. It is no need for you to connect them with your computers with several intricate cables. Just associating wireless keyboards with a Bluetooth product, everything will be straightforward then.

. Universal specification

Many retro wireless keyboards adapt to most computers. The number of products with Bluetooth, such as computers, wireless keyboards, and wireless mice, has doubled in a row in these years. Most of the wireless keyboards are in the universal specification. It means that they are extensively suitable with the computer. So, you can connect the device to your computer and start working then!

Mid-Year Sale 2021: Retro Wireless Keyboard Colors Your Summer

Why choosing Lofree keyboards and mice?

With summer approaching, various colors of keyboards and mice are coming into the market. It is an enlightened choice to get retro green ones. But facing abounding choices, here are some reasons for you to choose Lofree green retro series keyboards.

. Alluring appearances

A retro mechanical keyboard, together with a green wireless mouse, brings comfy visual effects to make your workplace more fascinating! The typewriter-style keyboard reflects a frosted glass-like hazy sense due to the relatively low saturation of avocado green with gray tone containing. Except for retro wireless keyboards, it is wise to match the same series of products, like a vintage calculator. The elegant appearance gives you a noble sense as well as delights your mood when working.

. Value performances

Some of the avocado keyboards are designed to enhance your working efficiency. With ergonomic dot keycap and round corner designs, the retro wireless keyboard is cute and lively, which provides you the best touching experience and thus enhances the working efficiency. Moreover, most green wireless mice are designed to install a battery or charge for fewer minutes with a long service time. It is worth mentioning that the green wireless mouse from Lofree allows you to work for 8 hours with just 3 minutes of charging!

. Excellent typing experiences

The retro mechanical keyboard will undoubtedly bring you an unbelievable experience. It has typewriter-style design, and it brings you a retro atmosphere. For some green mechanical keyboards, they use the green axis as the representative axis of the mechanical keyboard. The light press and strong paragraph sense of green accompanied by obvious clatter can bring outright high-level typing experience for you.

The best retro wireless keyboards for you

The avocado color is the leading tone, and greyish green as the supplement represents the color of summer, activating the vitality of summer. Lofree, who allows you to get the best retro mechanical keyboard collection at your disposal, is up to 20% off this summer! Besides, with the purchasing of the Lofree Mid-summer Collection, you will enjoy up to 25% off if you buy Avocado Fan!

For each collection, Lofree Four Seasons will provide you five fantastic items:

  • A green wireless mechanical keyboard
  • A wavy potato-shaped wireless mouse
  • A vintage calculator
  • A reversible mat
  • A palmer

No need to worry about your devices, any smartphones, laptops, and tablets with Windows, IOS, or Android systems are available to connect them.

The retro mechanical keyboard makes your desk setups more charming with soft and comfortable visual effects. It has a white LED monochrome backlight with four adjustable brightness levels. It has 79 vintage Blue Switches with full N-key rollover with a battery of up to 4000mAH lithium. Besides, the intelligent sleep mode can save energy to guarantee longer service life.

Mid-Year Sale 2021: Retro Wireless Keyboard Colors Your Summer

The green wireless mouse can boost your 100% high-speed working due to the buttons prevent slip design. It is available to connect two devices simultaneously, as well as support for multi-finger gestures. By adjusting the sensitivity from 800 to 3600, you can choose the most suitable sensitivity for you.

The vintage calculator brings you to a new world via round dot keys calculating. It is in low power consumption and scientifically easy to use layout with ten digits screen display. In addition, the reversible mat will bring double the smoothness of your green wireless mouse. With the mid-summer palmer, fatigue muscles won’t be your obstacles anymore while working. With scientific angles, get your wrists some rest during your high-speed typing!

By introducing all of the main features of the Lofree mid-summer collection above, it is easy to figure out that Lofree is one of the industry trendsetters looking forward to further assisting the customer. If you are exploring an ideal price collection with a mechanical keyboard that is retro and alluring, Lofree should always be a priority. Come and choose your favorite Lofree mid-summer collection at up to a 20% off discount this summer!

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By Lucy Bennett Contributing Editor
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