Mkeke Stands at the Top of the Best iPhone 14 Pro/ iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Cases in 2022

Are you looking for the best iPhone 14 Pro Max case this 2022? We’ll guide you to the three best clear cases for your iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max.

Mkeke iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case

This iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max clear case is the winner among our list of best iPhone 14 cases, and with good reason. The brand has been producing exceptional iPhone cases since 2015 and already has more than a hundred thousand positive ratings.

iPhone 14

With Mkeke’s case you get more than just basic protection- it’s slim and offers 6D shielding, as well as raised bezels and 4 built-in airbags in the corners. In short, it can minimize and prevent unwanted scratches, bumps, and scrapes, as well as sudden drops to the pavement or floor. Your iPhone 14’s camera, screen, and body are sure to come out unscathed and look brand new.

The slim aspect makes it comfortable to hold your iPhone 14 Pro Max for long hours, and you’ll be able to play, watch videos and take photos without any problems. Flexible materials and clear carbonate won’t easily fade, and it’s comfortable enough that you’ll be able to use your iPhone 14 Pro all day.

Mkeke pays special attention to details, and it shows in the phone hole positions. All your iPhone 14’s functions, switches, features, and buttons will work, and you’d be able to charge, take a picture, and restart without needing to remove the case.

Last but not least, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max clear case has the best seller, Amazon Choice and Climate Pledge Friendly badge on Amazon, which means you’re contributing to the good of our earth and a high-quality case, to boot. It should be your first choice when upgrading to Apple’s latest flagship models.

Mkeke Stands at the Top of the Best iPhone 14 Pro/ iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Cases in 2022

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case with MagSafe

The iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case with MagSafe is Apple’s official clear case for the iPhone 14 lineup. The clear polycarbonate material is light, flexible and can stave off scratches to both the inside and out. You also get aligned magnets so you can just put the base near a MagSafe charger and start getting juice without having to plug your smartphone up. The case is also compatible with MagSafe accessories.

Spigen iPhone 14 Pro Case

Spigen is also a known brand when it comes to Apple product accessories, and the company also offers clear iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max cases. You can choose to get a plain one, or a case that has a card slot, MagSafe points, or added glitter.

The cases offer a slim and protective fit, keeping away everyday damages in the form of scratches, bumps, and the occasional drops to the floor. You should be able to use all your iPhone 14’s buttons and features, or charge your device without needing to remove the case. The brand offers its iPhone 14 case on all the model lineups, including the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the iPhone 14 Pro, and the base iPhone 14.