IOS devices (Apple. Inc) are rarely compatible with streaming apps. They work with preinstalled applications leaving no chance for third-party applications. This isn’t very pleasant for most iPhone or IOs gadgets who either use alternative apps or try jailbreaking the devices.  Technology has developed various streaming apps which provide a complete set of entertainment. The new apps are facing out the standard cable TV providing the user a privilege to watch their favorite movies and TV shows anytime.  Today one can access live TV, sports, kid’s entertainment, documentaries, music, and more in one streaming application.

Mobdro for iPhone/IOS devices: How to download and install Mobdro

Mobdro app is among the best streaming apps with thousands of users globally. The app offers quality streams like TV shows, movies, sports, and standard TV channels. It’s great for family setup since it contains all entertainment features. Mobdro is only available on Android devices, making it hard for IOS to enjoy the contents. However, recently there claims of Mobdro not working from many users globally. However, this means it’s not also available on Android devices since no word from the Mobdro developers. Users can use several Mobdro alternatives as they give it time.

Use of VPN

The majority of streaming apps are legal and don’t tamper with copyrighted content. However, the content might require the user to subscribe to a specific amount. An expensive task that limits many from accessing their favorite contents. To dodge the prices, many users install third-party apps on their devices. A positive move that can also affect your privacy. The government and ISP have a way of monitoring online streams. The process is also open to hackers where your data is utilized for illegal activity. Using VPN software will keep your data safe and hide your IP address showing the VPN anonymous IP address.  

How to install Mobdro on IOS devices

Mobdro app is not installed on the Apple store; one needs extra effort to install the app. IOS strictly works with its app, which is found In the App Store.  The installation process can fail if any step is missed. However, the user can use alternative streaming apps for similar benefits.

  • First, download and install the VShare app on your IOS device.  The app can work with IOS making it the best loophole to install streaming apps.
  • After downloading the app (VShare), install and open it on your device; the system will prompt you to click the option “Trust.”  This will help enable VShare on your device. In some cases, the app might not prompt. You need to visit the device settings and click the “Trust” tab.
  • Open the VShare app and search for the Mobdro app from the search bar.
  • The different applications will show click the Mobdro app to download.
  • After downloading, double-click the app to start the installation process. The IOS device (iPhone) will prompt the trust warning again. Click to assure the device that the app is safe to use.
  • Give the process some time, and after the installation, Mobdro is installed. Now you can watch sports, movies, TV shows, and other excellent content from the app.
  • However, installing a VPN on the device is also advisable to help avoid malware, exposure, or data leakage. The internet has many premium and free VPN service which offer different features for your apps.


Mobdro is an excellent streaming app that works with many devices. With a few clicks, you can access online content for free. It offers HD streams, and with a proper internet connection, no buffering is experienced. Though facing the crackdown, Mobdro contains thousands of great content. The user can access other alternatives in place of the Mobdro app.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

Lucy Bennett is a Contributing Editor at iLounge. She has been writing about Apple and technology for over six years. Prior to joining iLounge, Lucy worked as a writer for several online publications.