Mobile Healthcare: Are Telemedicine apps the way for the future?


Today, the mobile healthcare industry is booming due to the rising of innovative technologies that leverage healthcare practices and come up with patient-focused telemedicine apps.

Mobile Healthcare: Are Telemedicine apps the way for the future?

The rise of new technologies in the healthcare industry improves the healthcare conditions and patient experience.

According to reports, the virtual healthcare market in the USA alone is expected to be worth USD 3.5 billion by 2022.

What is TeleHealth?

Telehealth is a term to define mobile devices and digital technologies to ensure a better and healthy lifestyle, including serious medical care. The telemedicine apps help boost patients’ health physically as well as mentally.

The mobile healthcare market has two main areas:

1.   Fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

2.   Connecting with doctors via mobile applications.

The global telemedicine market is expected to be worth $66 billion by 2022.

Connecting Patients With Healthcare Professionals Using Healthcare Apps

The population growth will be one of the primary reasons behind the shortage of healthcare professionals and specialties, especially in rural areas. More people means more chronic diseases. At the same time, both diagnosis and treatment and healthcare amenities will be challenging with limited resources.

However, telehealth apps facilitate rural areas with immediate assistance and make healthcare much more comfortable and convenient for patients and doctors.

Apart from providing easy convenience of medical amenities to patients, companies also deploy telemedicine practices and apps to reduce costs associated with in-house patient care.

Telehealth is going to be the next big thing in the coming years.

The telehealth industry is embarking its name in the medical industry at an exponential rate. The rapid growth of telehealth apps will help patients stay connected to their healthcare professionals.

How Telemedicine Apps Benefit Patients?

Telehealth apps provide enormous benefits to the patients and help to improve their health at a faster rate. Here they are:

Easy To Connect

The patients can now have access to online consultations with their doctors, and secure messaging systems that tell their dear ones about their health. Today, most medical professionals are equipping themselves with efficient digital devices to ensure they are always available to their patients. Telemedicine apps save more lives faster using remote access.

Easy To Use

Patients can now use multiple wearable devices to manage their health records without visiting the hospital. Companies including Fitbit, Apple, and Samsung have developed intelligent wearable devices to monitor patients’ health, diet, sleep, and well-being. It helps them to get more aware and conscious of their health more than ever before.

Easy To Get

According to research, the mHealth app market will grow by 15% to reach $31 billion by 2020. At present, there are 1,65,000 telemedicine apps available on the app store. Medical professionals develop medical apps for multiple usages with the latest mobile technology to serve patients and doctors better. Telehealth has increased ground support for medical professionals and medical staff operating in remote, underprivileged locations.

The benefits telehealth renders to both the patients and doctors transform the industry entirely.

The future trends in telemedicine facilitate doctors’ to get more virtual and adapt to the new normal. Here are some of the telehealth trends that ultimately reduce the wait time helps in the coming future.

Introducing More Telehealth Platforms

Delivering healthcare services through telehealth apps saves a lot of time for both patients and doctors. Patients can now get instant benefits without visiting a hospital. In the upcoming years, you can expect pediatricians to make the most of this platform like any other doctor.

Easy Remote Patient Monitoring

You can expect a big rise in the remote development trend. Remote Patient Monitoring helps control chronic diseases and reduce the number of hospitalizations. Patients can now simply connect to the medical specialists to get a consultation on various health issues. Moreover, doctors can also monitor their patients’ health to ensure their recovery after suffering from serious diseases.

Increased Digital Clinics

The technology will boost clinical trials by making the patients wear remote monitoring devices while sitting at their homes. Medical professionals can now conduct more clinical trials without limiting to geographical locations.

Improves Doctor-Patient Relationship

Digital apps facilitate maintaining patient records and allow healthcare providers to view updated patients’ treatment records. With this, doctors can advise the patient of a prescription or visit the medical clinic to treat the illness. 

More Security of Telehealth Platforms

Healthcare units and hospitals involve a massive amount of data. Hence,  it’s crucial to focus more on the security of the applications. Focussing more on cybersecurity would also help retain and restore data after a cyber attack.

Bottom Line

You can never underestimate telemedicine apps’ value as it has the great potential to improve people’s lives. The trending telemedicine apps take the healthcare industry to the next level. These telemedicine apps will actively participate in delivering the best healthcare practices in the coming future.


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