When you just focus on buying digital products like 5G mobile phones, you should really have a long view. It’s not just 5G mobile phones that represent the trend and smart life. When you have a smart watch, you won’t be inferior to the experience brought by a 5G mobile phone. With it, it can also bring you the experience of talking, communicating, listening to music and even texting.

Mobile phones are difficult to carry, smart watches meet your needs in all directions

In terms of wearing comfort, smart watches are much more portable than mobile phones, and from the perspective of wearing, it is equivalent to adding an accessory, which will also make you more temperamental. If you have the idea of buying one recently, you can take a look at the following smart millet watch recommended by our editor, I believe it is a good reference for you. If you want to buy cheap smart health watch, you can visit DHgate here.

Xiaomi is a well-known electronic product brand, which is famous for its high cost performance, and the smart watches launched also have this feature. In terms of configuration, the Xiaomi watch is equipped with the world’s first Snapdragon Wear3100 platform that supports 4g network connection, which has an ultra-low power consumption and a layered system framework design, and inherits the core of the quad-core Cortex A7 architecture, and has an efficient integrated DSP and coprocessor. Based on this hardware, it can allow Xiaomi watches to maintain a powerful performance as well as the characteristics of long-term battery life.

In order to better empower the smart experience of the watch, Xiaomi Watch has added the artificial intelligence assistant “XiaoAi Tongxue” to it. You only need to shout “XiaoAi Tongxue” and then you will get a lot of help, such as directly controlling the smart home. Of course, you can also communicate with it and have a lively chat.

Mobile phones are difficult to carry, smart watches meet your needs in all directions

In addition, other functions of the Xiaomi watch are also quite complete, not only independent calling, Internet access, customized sports modes, but also other rich functions are supported so that your life is no longer monotonous.

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