Mobile Proxies – How they Safeguard Anonymity and Other Benefits

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
Mobile Proxies - How they Safeguard Anonymity and Other Benefits

We’re using smartphones more than ever before. With the advances in technology, our mobile devices have turned into mini-computers, and they can be used in very much the same way. It can be used for entertainment, research, and even work. However, as with any device that connects to the internet, your activities aren’t always private and can be tracked. Not to mention, you’re still restricted in what content you can access.

In this article, we take a closer look at the role that a mobile proxy plays in safeguarding your online anonymity. We’ll also be taking a look at some of the other benefits you can expect, such as unrestricted content, faster connection speeds, and more. Keep reading to discover how you can start using mobile proxies to enhance your browsing experience when using a smartphone.

Mobile Proxies - How they Safeguard Anonymity and Other Benefits

Defining Mobile Proxies

A mobile proxy is a specialized proxy that’s been developed specifically for use on smartphones. While many of the characteristics of these proxies match residential proxies, there are a few notable differences. While both residential and mobile proxies have unique IPs that exist, residential proxies assign one from a real device (IPs given by ISPs). In contrast, a mobile proxy uses one from a mobile data network (IPs given by a mobile carrier).

Another notable difference is that your connection only uses a mobile IP when you connect via mobile data. Once you connect via Wi-Fi, you’ll assume the IP for that network, along with any gaps in privacy, security, and more. However, if you have a mobile proxy set up, no matter what connection you choose, everything will be routed through the mobile proxy server, giving you all of the benefits.

What Is a Mobile Proxy Used For?

Mobile proxies have a number of different uses and benefits. Let’s explore some of the most common ones, along with some practical tips on using them.

Protecting Anonymity

As mentioned, mobile proxies are great tools for protecting your anonymity when browsing online. Your IP is basically an identifier on the internet. While the way smartphones connect to the internet offers more anonymity than a PC or laptop, the mobile IP can still be tracked. Not only that but there’s also some of your personal data already attached to your IP. Hackers and even websites desperate for data can use these markers to build a unique device fingerprint that they use to track your actions and behaviors online. However, using mobile proxies enables you to hide your IP address and, therefore, stop any tracking efforts.

Practical Tip

Mobile proxies don’t assign unique IPs to your network. Instead, they assign one that’s available from the mobile carriers they work with. These pools easily include thousands of mobile IPs, and you can change them as often as needed. By doing this and never keeping the same IP, you can thwart any tracking attempts and stay anonymous online.

Bypassing Restrictions

Another benefit of using mobile proxies is to bypass content restrictions. The most common types of restrictions we encounter are purely based on our location. This is why you might struggle to find certain shows or movies on your streaming platforms or why it’s difficult to conduct market research in other locations.

Practical Tip

When using mobile proxies, you can bypass restrictions by simply changing your mobile IP to one found within the location you want to access. This means if you know that a certain show is available on Netflix in the UK, you can change your IP to a British location and get access to those shows. Also, you can assign an IP of the market you wish to investigate to your automated data collection tools to gather all the information you need in that new location.

Speeding Up Your Internet Connection

Although not always the main selling point when looking at proxies, improved connection speeds are one of the unsung benefits of using proxies. There are a few reasons why this happens. One is that proxy networks have much more powerful servers than your mobile device. Also, all of the data from your online exploits is saved on the proxy server instead of your device. These functions combine to provide you with faster internet with fewer lags.

Practical Tip

When you’re streaming or even playing live mobile games, a fast, consistent internet connection makes the experience much better. With a faster connection, you’ll experience less buffering lagging and a much smoother gaming or streaming session.

Final Thoughts

A mobile proxy is the ideal tool if you want to safeguard your online anonymity. It keeps your activities from being tracked while also adding additional security to your connection. Furthermore, proxies can also help you overcome content restrictions, manage multiple social media accounts, and speed up your connection.

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