Money Savvy Millennial Apps To Simplify Your Finances

You better believe there’s an app for everything and anything these days from grocery shopping to finding a ride to managing your time like a pro. You can simplify almost every aspect of your life. What about your finances, though? Using your phone to create free bitcoin wallet is one thing, entrusting your finances to your phone feels like another altogether.

Technology has caught up with expectations, and there are now various apps you can use, many in conjunction, to take care of almost anything relating to your finances. While there is no one size fits all solution we have put together our list of the best apps to help simplify your finances.

Your Banking App

Before moving on to any of the custom options on our list, we must recommend taking a closer look at your current banking app. Most banks have come a long way in the world of e-commerce and offer some excellent services built right into their software.

At your disposal, you should have facilities to control and, if necessary, stop your ATM and credit cards. There are most likely services for making payments and managing your bank accounts held with the bank as well.


The most tedious monthly task is making all the individual bill payments you need to do. This is where Prism swoops in to save the day. This innovative app lets you set up all your bills with options regarding due dates and reminders to ensure you don’t miss a single payment.

Ideal for those of us who are a bit forgetful when it comes to the many logins and notification prompts that online payments usually require, Prism consolidates every step of the process in a single app.


For some, budgeting is a challenge at best. For the rest of us, it is an inconceivable realm of mysticism, incomprehensible to all but the taxman. This is where EveryDollar comes into play. This user-friendly app does all your budgeting and tracking for you.

By linking with your current accounts, the brilliant app can inform your budget in real-time. Based on the zero-based budget method introduced by Dave Ramsey, you are assured that the methodology is sound for monitoring and allocating your money.

Clarity Money

Falling within the same essential category as Prism, Clarity money is a tool for automating payments. Where it stands out is in dealing with subscriptions. More and more companies are leaning towards subscription-based business models, and we all have multiple accounts that need to be taken care of.

What makes Clarity money unique is that it will actively seek out unused subscriptions to ensure that you are not paying for something you don’t use. Going beyond this great feature, it will actively offer tips on improving your finances based on your income, expenses etc.


Hands down the best app in the industry, Mint is unique because it covers a great deal of your financial management in one place. By linking your cards and accounts, you will have complete control and oversight of any expenses.

Mint’s pretty decent set of budgeting tools and free access to your credit score are just icing on the proverbial cake. There are some features that the other apps on our list do better, but as an all-round experience, Mint is the one to beat.

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