Monitask Promotes Transparent Employee Monitoring

One of the biggest complaints levied against employee monitoring software is that it can be used to invade workers’ privacy. Where there used to be a strict division between ‘work time’ and ‘personal time’, the growth in technological connectivity and work-from-home capabilities has meant that this line has become increasingly blurred. With the introduction of monitoring software, which can gather all kinds of data including time away from devices, time spent on personal activities, and time spent on given work projects, employees are often rightly concerned that employers may surreptitiously gather data that is irrelevant to work activities, or which are accessed outside of formalised work hours.

Specialists in employee monitoring software development, Monitask, has therefore designed tracking software that promotes transparency. For employers, Monitask’s offering ensures easy access to employee tracking data to ensure workers are using their work time productively and that resources are managed effectively. Employees, in turn, can be sure that their employers are not spying on them or monitoring their activities without their consent. This assurance is achieved by the employees themselves having control over when, where, and how the software is activated, with employers unable to remotely run the software installed on employees’ devices.

Monitask Promotes Transparent Employee Monitoring

The result is employee monitoring software that guarantees all-party buy-in, improved worker productivity, and seamless project management. Monitask’s comprehensive software includes data capturing features like screenshot and keyboard stroke tracking, scheduling and timetable capabilities, absenteeism monitoring, and client invoicing solutions. Such data collection ensures transparency in respect to employer monitoring activities and data use, employee work-hour activities, and accurate client invoicing.

Accurate and transparent data capturing means that businesses using Monitask software can offer more cost-effective services to their clients, curb time and resource waste, and more readily reward productive employees. The future of employee monitoring software is transparency, and Monitask is leading the way.