Monster Hunter Now GPS Spoofing on iOS and Android

Lucy Bennett
By Lucy Bennett  - Contributing Editor
Monster Hunter Now GPS Spoofing on iOS and Android

Monster Hunter Now is an augmented reality game that was recently released on mobile devices. Coming from Capcom’s renowned franchise and combining what made Pokemon Go so popular, it’s no wonder that more and more people are looking for online strategies on how to play Monster Hunter Now. But why play the normal way when you can gain a significant advantage over every player with Monster Hunter Now spoofing? In this article, we’ll show you how to spoof in Monster Hunter Now and how you can Monster Hunter Now GPS spoofing like a pro.

Can I Spoof GPS Location on Monster Hunter Now?

The short answer is yes, you can spoof your location while playing the popular game Monster Hunter Now. This gives you benefits such as getting to prime locations, fighting unique monsters, and acquiring loot to build your weapons and gear easily.

Monster Hunter Now GPS Spoofing on iOS and Android

You can spoof yourself to appear in a real-world place or location so you can participate in events and battles that are normally unreachable or inaccessible to you.

Best Monster Hunter Now Spoofing Tool [Free Download]

You will need a GPS tool in order to begin spoofing. If you haven’t tried one before, we’d recommend you try the iToolab AnyGo – Location Changer. It’s currently the best GPS spoofing tool available for Monster Hunter Now.

Spoof GPS Location

Unlock Monster Hunter Now’s full play potential with the ability to unlock Monster Hunter Now spoofing. Instead of wasting time having to drive or walk from one location to another, you can change the GPS settings on your smartphone through iToolab and it will reflect in-game.

Monster Hunter Now GPS Spoofing on iOS and Android

iToolabs is ahead of the rest of GPS spoofing tools in that it has the latest algorithms and bypass checks that most games, including, Monster Hunter Now, have.

Simulate Movement

To further trick the game into detecting that you’re in the ‘right location’, AnyGo has a simulated movement feature. It’s a very useful function to have, especially if you want to appear to be naturally playing the game, i.e., not using any cheat tools to level up or gear your character faster.)

To expand further, you can simulate three types of movement- 2 spot, where you can ‘go’ from one place to another, multi-spot, where you can set points where your GPS location will move to, and jump teleport, where you can move instantly from one place to another.


Monster Hunter Now GPS Spoofing on iOS and Android

If you’ve ever played a mobile game before then you’ll be familiar with how an on-screen joystick works. Basically, a virtual joystick replaces a hardware one and works similarly- move the controls to the left and your character will move to the left, and so on.

Spoof Multiple Devices Simultaneously

Monster Hunter Now GPS Spoofing on iOS and Android

Monster Hunter Now fanatics will like this feature, as it allows you to control multiple iOS and Android devices simultaneously using only one account. This means you won’t have to be restricted to just one device, i.e., a smartphone or tablet when you want to play the new Monster Hunter AR game. You can even simulate a group of people to make the spoofing seem more believable.

Additional Notes When Using iToolab AnyGo

AR games, notably Pokemon Go, have several safeguarding measures against spoofing. The game can either disable the GPS tool or ban your account outright if they find that you’re taking an unfair advantage using a spoofer.

Monster Hunter Now GPS Spoofing on iOS and Android

AnyGo knows this, and that’s why they added several things to their tool. Here are some tips how to play monster hunter now safely and keep your account undetected.

Built-in Anti-Detection Mechanism and Cooldown Time. AnyGo has a native cooldown timer so the servers won’t notice you teleporting around a place almost instantaneously. Along with this, the tool has an anti-detection function that bypasses server checks.

Customized Walking Speed. You can set your walking speed to normal, e.g, 1-3 kilometers per hour to make it seem like you’re playing the game. It’s recommended that you simulate movement on walking, biking, or in a vehicle to avoid detection. With this, AnyGo has a variable speed setting in place.

iToolab AnyGo Monster Hunter Now Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1. Teleport GPS to Anywhere

The first thing to do is download iToolab AnyGo from the official website. Once finished, install the software and open it. You’ll be presented with a clean and intuitive user interface for spoofing in Monster Hunter Now. Connect your device and open the game.

Step 2. Play Without Walking

From here you’ll be able to go around places without leaving your home. Use any of the three movement features, and remember to stay within reasonable walking/commuting speed. Here’s a rundown on how to simulate movement along a path.

iToolab AnyGo Comparison with Other Methods

VPN. VPNs are easily detected and blocked when playing mobile AR games. In addition, you won’t be able to precisely move to a particular area or location.

Monster Hunter Now GPS Spoofing on iOS and Android

Other Apps. AnyGo is a more robust GPS spoofing tool than the others, offering features like variable speed settings, cooldown, and more.


How to Use AnyGo in Monster Hunter Now?

AnyGo is easier to use than most GPS spoofing tools. Basically, all you need to do is download the tool and install it, then connect your phone, set the location, and play the game.

Will AnyGo Really Work in AR Games?

Yes, AnyGo will work with the most popular games, including Pokemon Go and Monster Hunter Now. It has native bypass tools and the latest algorithms to prevent detection.

What Can You Do with AnyGo in Monster Hunter Now?

The GPS spoofing tool is useful in several instances, such as teleporting to a location where you can collect loot and slay monsters. You can also simulate a walking movement to get from point A to B without leaving your house.

Conclusion – Try the Safe Way to Spoof Monster Hunter Now on iOS and Android

Level up faster, get high-level materials with AnyGo from iToolab, and make your way up the Monster Hunter Now ladder today!

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