A lot of gamers, developers, office goers, or even people who work from home have started to face spine issues, these may include, constant pain in your lower back, neck, shoulders, arms, and even legs. Work from home has become a new ritual for major part of the world, as this pandemic has introduced us to a completely different work life, which none of us were ever prepared for. After all that the world has gone through in these tough times, we have once again started to evolve to meet the changing work environment. 

Must Have Equipment For Gamers And Developers

Whether you are a workaholic, or a gaming enthusiast, you need to think about keeping your body in the right shape, and this becomes even more important if you are spending large part of your day in one single position. 

Where do we need to focus?

For long term benefits, one needs to have a thoughtful approach, and before you think of anything else, you need to prioritise on ways to improve your posture. Money spent on good furniture, has always yielded fruitful results, and that’s where we intent to shift your focus. Ergonomic chair designs focus primarily on your spine, they are crafted to let the user fit its spine in the most comfortable position, and that’s how even after hours of work in one single position, you don’t feel much tired. Ergonomic chair design is the need of the hour; you need to know about its benefits to know its right value. 

What makes ergonomic chair designs so important?

  • Right postureErgonomic chair have a very unique quality, they not only provide comfortable support to your back, but also let your spine get back to its natural shape. With the perfect seating adjustment and lumbar support, your spine gets a constant holds, and that makes a remarkable difference to your posture.  
  • Comfort– With the right posture comes the right amount of comfort. If you are not using an appropriate chair, your body gets tired really easily, and you fail to concentrate on your work after a certain point of time. Moving up, down, shifting in front or backwards during working hours could be really irritating, and that’s where ergonomic chair design plays its role. It lets your body fit really well while you are sitting, and hours pass by without letting your body feel any form of discomfort. 
  • Multiple adjustments– Ergonomic chair designs are usually designed as per standard human body type. In other case if you feel you need to make slight changes to headrest, swivel, or armrest, you can adjust it according to your desire. The option to adjust the chair and make it suit your need, helps you produce optimum result for all the time you spend in front of your computer, or on your work space. 
  • Reduces muscle stress– Normal chairs are not just a reason of issue for your spine, but even your legs, arms, buttocks, and other parts of the body feel stressed out. But, while you use ergonomic chairs, you feel optimum comfort, as such chairs are modulated to relax various muscles of your body and reduce pressure on buttocks. 
  • Increase blood circulation– Did you know, sitting in a constant position for more than an hour increases your risk of heart disease, depression, and other health disorders? If not, you need to know this; a study done in 2010 about importance of blood circulation has revealed this result. Though ergonomic chairs are designed to relax your body, support your spine, allow adjustment to suit various sitting positions, you still need to be alert about taking constant breaks. So, as much as it is important to choose the right chair, it is equally important to take proper breaks at work. Thus, after every 40-45 minutes, take a short walk to relax your body, and also your eyes.
  • Safe and secure– Ergonomic chair design is the result of proper research and development done by various experts on human body and effects of use of wrong furniture. These chairs are tested in labs and certified to be used for various purposes, the makers guarantee optimum safety to all. 

How to choose the best chair for your purpose?

The increased demand of ergonomic chair designs has led to development of umpteen options in the market. So once you decide you buy an ergonomic chair, you will be flooded with numerous options to choose from. Hence, we would try to bring to your attention a few factors that would help you buy the best chair. Although your budget needs to be the priority, here below are a few other factors you need to take in consideration;

  • Keep a check on cushioning. The amount of cushion padding on the backrest, and armrest should look comfortable enough. It should neither be too much, or too less for that matter.
  • The chair should be designed enabling proper adjustment options for height, headrest, armrest, etc. 
  • Check and compare the warranty offered by various brands, and buy the ones that come with maximum amount of warranty; in this case you can always claim the warranty in case of any inconvenience. 

Furniture that changes your life!

The world today has more fanatics than ever before, and the furniture industry has prepared itself well for it. You might be a software developer, a game developer, a gamer, or a work enthusiast, whatever your passion might be, you need to prioritise your health in all scenarios. Big dreams demand bigger hard work, and that ultimately pushes you towards longer hours in front of your computer or on your work table.

Amongst the various other modern furniture designs, electronic standing desk has attracted a lot of eye balls off lately. 

What is an electronic standing desk?

An electronic standing desk is basically a modern furniture piece that is crafted to be used as a desk to stand and work and also to sit it work. Basically the utility could be shifted for different purposes and that too, automatically. 

A standing desk can be put to various uses, including;

  • You would enjoy using a standing desk while you are reading a book and you are tired of sitting, walking or lying down on your bed. This furniture provides you ultimate support, while you just want to stand and read your favourite book. 
  • If you have got long assignments at work, and this work from home routine is getting on to your nerves, you simply need to put your computer on this desk and get in the most comfortable position to work. Yes, the height of the standing desk could be adjusted down to your seating position. 
  • For playing your favourite games tirelessly, this furniture piece is a must have. Enthusiast gamers have shown great interest in this adjustable standing desk. 

Furniture with advanced functions

The electronic standing desks are designed with advanced functions, and thus, different designs are curated keeping in mind the multi-purpose demands of its users. The different categories of standing desks can be summarised in there different sections, there include;

Eco– The eco frame is crafted keeping in mind the demands of majority of users. These desks are capable of handling a decent weight; it stands out to be a cost-effective option, and can add much more value to your work space. 

Pro (stage 2)- The standing desks that fall into this category are in advanced form, meant to handle higher weight capacity. They enable better stability, and quick lifting speed, owing to dual-motor system. So, if you are planning to establish broader desktops and heavy gaming consoles, you need to pick this option. This is undoubtedly the perfect fit for hardcore and uncompromised gamers. 

Pro (stage 3)– When you come to this stage, you get an unmatched standing desk option. Faster lifting experience, wide table top space, ability to handle larger weights, is all you get as benefits for choosing standing desks that lie in this category. So if you are looking for an extensive gaming experience, want to enjoy live streaming, or wish to enjoy child learning experience like never before, you need to spend money on this masterpiece. 

So, invest in an electronic standing desk and create a work space like never before. The right furniture helps you generate optimum results in minimum time, and for all the time you spend on work, or playing your favourite game, you don’t need to get as much tired as before. Money spent on furniture that has been developed after years of intensive research is an investment for your body, and you need to remind this to yourself. 

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