Cyber-bullying is a greater risk that our children face in today’s world through their electronic devices (most notably, mobile phones). Various interferences and attackers are always around to ensure that they do substantial damage.

Neatspy Review

It is the parent’s job to ensure the safety of their children. Third-party spy apps can assist under such dire circumstances. Neatspy, one of the best spying apps, has changed how users deal with such problems.

Neatspy Review: Is This App Worth Buying?

Part 1: Introduction to Neatspy

Neatspy is one of the best spy apps for Android and iOS users. Numerous platforms have given their fair share of plaudits to this mobile monitoring app due to its extravagant features. 

Neatspy is created basically to track a targeted device. The target device could be any portable device. It is available on both Android and iPhones. Furthermore, the app can work without jailbreaking or rooting any device. 

This app is recognized due to various reasons. It can fetch the locations, the messages, and sensitive information from social media apps. 

Alternatively, this app requires internet connections, which allows you to receive the latest updates regarding spying.

Part 2: How to Setup on Android

It will take less than 5 minutes for you to go through the entire procedure regarding the Android setup. It is very easy for any Android user.

Step 1: Registration

The first step is registration. You need to go to the website and create an account on the website. You need to fill all the details on the form. Furthermore, you must pay according to the package that you set.

Neatspy Review: Is This App Worth Buying?

Step 2: App Installation

Once you create the account, you need to download a small file on your mobile. The file size is hardly 2mb. As a result, it won’t take much time for completion.

Step 3: Login and Visualize Features

After downloading, you can easily access the website by logging in. If not via the app, you can access the website through the browser. You will get all the latest updates regarding your specified device regardless of what its location is. 

You can easily disconnect from this app by deleting the downloaded file (described in Step 2). This is different from the Apple devices, which we will discuss later. After logging in, you will have all the details regarding the specified person. You will know all the secrets regarding that person.

Nobody can fool you by altering the settings of your specified device. The ability to catch the responsible person will be well within your grasp.

Neatspy Review: Is This App Worth Buying?

Part 3: How to Setup Neatspy on iPhone/iOS

There are very few differences between the handling of Neatspy on iPhone and Android. However, we have made sure to understand what happens when utilizing this app on the Apple Device.

Step 1: Signup

It would help if you went to the official Neatspy website to sign up. After visiting, you will identify your login details. Furthermore, it would be best if you went for a package that suits your iPhone monitoring needs.

Step 2: Configuration

Configure a specified mobile phone. To set up an iPhone, you must be aware of the iCloud details. Once you have them, give those details, and finalize the configuration.

Neatspy Review: Is This App Worth Buying?

Step 3: Target Device

After configuration, select the device you want to target. Neatspy will grant all the details regarding the targeted device via the dashboard. The process can be time-consuming. When it’s all over, you can check the dashboard. 

On your dashboard, all the features of the targeted device will be at your disposal. On the dashboard, you will have a navigation panel that gives you access to various iPhone locations. Neatspy will allow you to view targeted iPhone texts, SIM, location, etc. 

Part 4: The Features of Neatspy Tracking Application

The features of Neatspy makes it one of the most dedicated apps for users regarding security. Its ability to monitor various aspects of a smartphone allows you to know the targeted user’s intentions. 

  • Live Location Tracking

Neatspy allows the user to track where the targeted iPhone is. It gives you a direct GPS connection even with the iPhone’s direct location. Furthermore, it provides a history of the targeted device. 

This way, you will have a complete understanding of the person at fault. Alternatively, it possesses a geofence feature that provides updates when a set limit is exceeded. The attribute is recognizable within parents who want to monitor children’s movements.

Neatspy Review: Is This App Worth Buying?
  • Social Media Monitoring

Neatspy can scan all social media on the targeted device like Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. The app gives you access to information such as chats and posts on these applications. 

Apart from that, it completely backs up all conversations on its database to make sure no details are ignored. In addition to receiving photos and videos, Neatspy can also access SMS on the target phone’s SIM.

WhatsApp is one of the biggest apps on social media regarding communication. The app’s distinctive features allow every person to communicate with their personal and professional people daily. However, it has an association with Neatspy as well.

Neatspy Review: Is This App Worth Buying?

This app allows you to know everything about the person’s chat. If your child is at risk of being a part of this situation, you can take action before something wrong happens.

  • Browser History Tracking

After logging in, you can easily access the browser history of any person. With little effort, you will have a complete understanding of what the other person does on the internet.

There are external features as part of the browser history tracking. They include the bookmark feature, which allows you to know the number of times one has visited the website. All the browser history is stored on the Neatspy dashboard, even if they delete their history.

Part 5: What Makes Neatspy the Best Spy App

Smartphones have become a necessity in this day and age. It offers all the knowledge of the world in your hands. Nowadays, school-going children need to access the internet regularly, and there is no better option than the smartphone.

However, not everything is unicorns and rainbows. Younger people could get exposed to cyberbullying or even worse things due to their naiveté. It is up to you as a parent to ensure that does not happen. It is why enabling spy apps such as Neatspy on the phones of your loved ones is necessary. 

Here we will discuss the Neatspy tracking app’s USPs, which will allow you to judge whether the app is suitable for you or not!

  • Ensure Anonymity with Stealth Mode

The Stealth mode feature ensures you to test an external person without any signs of being caught. The app protects all of its functions. Furthermore, the app does not remove or waste the data on the targeted phone. 

Once you install the app, it will disappear, and the other user will not be able to detect it, no matter what. In the case of iOS, there is no need to install the app, which we will discuss in the latter part of this review.

  • Easy to Install

Neatspy does not require any technical knowledge from the user to install the app. The intuitive website will guide you through the installation process. You only have to purchase the app and enable it on the target phone to access its contents.

As far as the UI of Neatspy goes, it is intuitive and easy to navigate. You will easily access all the top functions of Neatspy from the control panel, and the whole experience will be a smooth sail for you.

  • Secure and Private

As described earlier, the app is stealthy and virtually undetectable from the target phone’s owner’s eyes. But, it is also safe to use, and the makers of the app ensure complete protection of your data and payment info. 

The encrypted set-up of the app prevents cybercriminals from entering their servers. It means that no one, not even Neatspy’s employees, will know your details or data.

  • No Jailbreaking or Rooting Needed

Most apps do not work at full capacity until the target device is rooted(Android) or jailbroken(iOS). It is not the case with Neatspy. The spy tools offer all the basic and advanced features to its user without altering the target phone’s settings.


To test a mobile phone, you must ensure a distinctive monitoring app. Some apps like Neatspy can keep an eye on the mobile users remotely irrespective of using a targeted device. It is indeed a worthy app to purchase to monitor the cell phone activities of your loved ones.

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