Netac Shadow RGB DDR5 Review

Like me, if you are a freak for an irrationally fast speed and energy efficient memory option that also does not compromise on the aesthetics, I have been hearing mixed reviews about different products.

Until I got to get my hands on the Netac Shadow RGB DDR5, which is the best gaming Ram according to my opinion.

Netac Shadow RGB DDR5 Review

Netac has built its name as a well-known brand with extensive technical integration, which captures a huge market of users who prepare installed systems. Recently, all the hype for Netac’s one-of-a-kind DDR5 memory technology wasn’t easy to resist. Whether you are looking for high performance, an aesthetically pleasing outlook, or the best value for the money, Netac has got it all.

Upgrading your PC or memory has always been enticing to me, so, decided to get try out Netac Shadow RGB DDR5, because why not. Here is my experience installing and using this drive for extensive gaming and extended use of PC.

Netac Shadow RGB DDR5 First Impression

In comparison to its predecessor DDR4 memory, DDR5 synchronous dynamic RAM is built to offer double the data rate or bandwidth, along with reduced power consumption. Since the first instance, due to wider bandwidth there has been a considerable increase in the efficiency of heavy software as Adobe Edge, Photoshop, and the transcoding of videos, along with gaming.

Netac Shadow RGB DDR5 Review

Design & Construction

Speaking of newer and improved design, it is worth mention that Netac has excelled itself in bringing economical memory with enhanced performance, whether it is about the construction, appearance, or yield.

1. Silver-plated heat dissipation design

Netac Shadow is highly appreciate for its updated jackets with silver plating. In addition, the metal vest considerably improves the memory’s capacity to release excess heat into the environment. That being said, you do not have to worry about heat dissipation.

Netac Shadow RGB DDR5 Review

2. Distinctive RGB Lightening

Speaking of the best use of light effects, Netac Shadow RGB DDR5 perfectly combines the RGB light effect with the reflective design of its electroplated silver surface for peculiar appearance. This design also helps the LED light function even better: cool right?

Not just that, adding convenience, you can make adjustments to the LEDs via the different applications, and you can choose whether to put them in fixed mode, with certain sequences and motions, and so on. In a nutshell, the customization is complete, and there is really nothing that can be faulted about it on this front.

Netac Shadow RGB DDR5 Review
Netac Shadow RGB DDR5 Review

Technical Specifications

Speaking of real-time performance, I have given it a try with a mother board MSI PRO Z690A WIFI & Intel Core i5 12600KF processor, In AIDA64 test here are a few things that sold me.

1. Adjustable Memory Modules

I configured the default 16G module with 4800MHz frequency and default 1.1V voltage, which worked beyond my expectation for moderate to extensive system use.
In addition to its high-frequency capabilities and cutting-edge appearance, the Netac DDR5 Shadow also provides a huge capacity of 16G*2, enough to carry more software programs.
In the meantime, the power management chip that is already included into the device offers improved efficiency in terms of both energy consumption and data transmission precision.

2. On-die ECC (Error Correction Codes)

Netac features On-die ECC (Error Correction Codes), which in today’s world most memories have. Though, effective implementation creates difference between a claim and a real-time performance.

It offers increased security for end users as a direct result of the implementation of this ECC, which ensures that the computer will function more dependably and consistently throughout time.

Well, the good thing is that Netac is not just stopping there. In the light of the issue, Netac is also constantly seeking some solutions optimized for chips. It is also available in 5600 and 6000 MHz with voltage from 1.2V and 1.35V which will give extra touch with high frequency to get your gamming to an extra level.

Even with a few issues, this product is more than enough for average to advanced PC users, despite the kind of work they are doing – not to forget using heavy software, dealing with larger data, or longer gaming sessions.

Netac Shadow RGB DDR5 Review

Netac Shadow RGB DDR5; Cost Analysis

I will be truly honest with you when it comes to pricing – and the good news is that it is relatively cheaper than most memories that you see on the market, speaking of performance.

Looking at the brighter picture, with adjustable memory and customizable enhanced RGB lighting, it is not much to invest in a good memory than changing one every once in a while


There is no question that this is excellent news for all the people who are looking forward to an impending upgrade that will bring about more flawless performance. There is not a shred of doubt in anyone’s mind that as technology continues to advance at an exponential rate, the issues of high frequency, timing, and pricing will ultimately be resolved. For now, Netac Shadow RGB DDR5 is your front-runner in the market.

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