New App Shaking up the Arbor Industry Worldwide

One industry that is falling behind the curve in technology is the arbor industry. Tree services around the USA and Australia are still working off handwritten diaries and invoicing and lack a service that can supply them with job leads and organize their whole week.

Other companies like HomeAdvisor or Porch have similar apps, but in this case, one size does not fit all.

Ben McInerney, the CEO of Go Tree Quotes, says, “the arbor industry is a unique case for lead generation. Many larger companies do not understand the industry and send leads to unqualified and underinsured handymen instead of reserving the leads for bonafide arborists.

Ben, who has over 20 years of industry experience, runs a premium service in Australia and the United States generating tree work job leads and matching users with local tree services.

New App Shaking up the Arbor Industry Worldwide

This new app has been nine months in the making and will be the final piece of the puzzle.

One of a kind

Currently, Go Tree Quotes uses email to send all leads and manually generates invoices and charge cards. Their focus has always been on keeping the cost of leads as low as possible to give tree services a cheap source of quality leads while giving customers the choice of 3 quotes from the best local tree professionals.

Other services charge up to $40 per lead, while Go Tree Quotes charges just $18 per lead. This makes a world of difference to local tree services, which, unlike plumbers and electricians, are forced to compete with a gaggle of local handymen who buy themselves a chainsaw and a ladder and call themselves an arborist. Because they don’t have the same overheads as trained groundsmen and insurance, they can often come in at half the price of an arborist.

What to expect

Current and new customers to the app can expect automated filtering of jobs to their specific needs, the ability to easily reject leads and the ability to update profile information, lead preferences, and max lead numbers per day and week.

The new app is expected to be rolled out on October 15th and will be available for Australian arborist first, followed by the American market in mid-November.