New Travel App “Karambol” To Provide Free Travel Itineraries For 1-Million-1 Cities


 As the old saying goes, there’s 1-Million-1 cities to travel across the world.     In one lifetime, no man nor woman can see them all, if staying for more than 24 hours.  And even then, it’s  likely impossible.   And the phrase ‘1-million-1’ is not literal, it’s just an old saying.   To aid in conquering this impossible task however, new travel app “Karambol” is providing free ‘things to do’ lists for cities worldwide.

Thailand Expands Restrictions But Still Open to Vaccinated Travelers, Karambol App Plans Things to Do

Free Travel Itineraries

Using Google search, AirBNB, or Trip Advisor are a few of the outdated ways people planned out trips before.  Utilizing peer to peer reviews to make decisions on ‘what do do’ or what sights to see.    Or perhaps, just buying what’s suggested on the sites.   However, none of these sites give a clear and ‘no cost’ itinerary that’s as simple as choosing a city and following a list.

This is where the idea of Karambol was born.

“I’ve never been a big fan of paper guides because I don’t want to spend hours reading everything. So before traveling I used to browse several websites to build my own itinerary. I found that it wasn’t still quite practical and I was pretty sure that others were facing the same problem. So I founded Karambol” says the new travel app’s founder on why he created the website.

Things to Do In The Americas and Asia

 At this point there are ‘things to do lists’ for 10 countries, all concentrated within the continents of America and Asia.

New countries are being added each month, providing free travel itineraries for multiple cities with each addition.

The specific countries currently available include Belize, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Turkey.

Of these listed, both Belize and Thailand have been particularly ‘hot picks’ for travelers globally.    Their relaxed restrictions on non-vaccinated Covid 19 travelers and extraordinary treatment of those who are vaccinated, has made them the place for international travelers to fly in 2022.

Venezuela and Cuba in 2022

The founder of Karambol also gave his thoughts on travel to two countries, which have had somewhat of a ‘black-eye’ thanks to US government’s economic war tactics.   

While the new travel app’s founder isn’t so keen on Venezuela, he is sure about Cuba being a great place to add.

The travel app founder’s views on Fidel Castro’s motherland were simple.

 “Cuba is a great place for tourists as it is a safe country. I’ve been there myself so trust me! The only issue is the limited touristic infrastructure and the existing ones are not well maintained. If you have a “pack backer” approach, everything will be just fine.”

Karambol will likely have a free ‘things to do in Cuba list’ in the future but Venezuela may be slower.

However, there are other options to learn about Venezuela travel in 2022.  Users can simply watch “Ace Live” on YouTube to see what the South American country is currently like.   And also use tips given in the video on things to do in Venezuela like Caracas or Margarita Island.

Mobile App Version Coming

Though it’s not available for android and apple store download yet, the on-line website is still an ‘app’ or travel application easily accessible. And recently the founder told an on-line blogger mobile apps will be developed in the future at some point.

And of course, this app’s release will be after the Karambol website has more countries covered with free travel itineraries. 

For now, users can simply take advantage of the free travel itineraries by logging into and bookmark the page.    Search for the destination you’re going to anytime before or during your vacation.

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