Newly Released iPad Mockup for iPad Pro with Triple Camera System


Recently, there was a leak of the new iPad Pro of the Apple brand series. Its camera system is intriguing as it is a triple camera system that is unique and rare for this kind of device. Its back surface is like a mock-up tablet. It is pretty similar to the iPhone 11 Pro camera system that was out on the market last September 20, 2019.

Newly Released iPad Mockup for iPad Pro with Triple Camera System

The final iPad mockup design was originally obtained and spread online by this article. This is a reliable source that released iPad hardware versions in the past. This is a new part of the refreshed iPad lineup which can surely attract the interest of the Apple users and loyalists. According to some reports, the hardware of this iPad pro PSD mockup is undeniably similar to the hardware features of the recently launched iPhone 11 Pro.

Who can benefit from this new product as indicated in the newly released iPad mockup?

Clearly speaking, those who are inclined with video professions can enjoy the benefits that are associated with this hi-tech device camera. The design itself is intended for the video professional users. This iPad device is expected to get shooting footages with high resolutions and is able to edit 4K quality videos. Amazingly, it can be done from a single device. This is definitely an all-in-one and on-the-go video camera device for video-related professionals. And there’s no need for a connection to the Mac when it comes to some kind of editing and the like.

Furthermore, there is one notable thing in the released mockup. It accordingly lacks the so-called glass surface that usually covers the three-lensed camera. It is a unique feature in a sense. This new version of iPad can really be exciting once it is ready to be made available on the market. But there is also a hypothetical analysis that such missing feature is a minor omission, so to speak. Who knows? Only Apple brand can explain about this particular matter. It is so because the final physical product is yet to be seen on the market. The expected date of release for the iPad pro 2019 model will be before the end of the current year. In connection, Apple aims to unveil the mentioned unique hardware next month, October 2019. This can be the most recent iOS device available on the market by that time.

Spread of the news in China and Japan

There have been Chinese rumors last August this year that confirmed this tech news. Based on some release images related to this device, the camera is equipped with three lenses being arranged in a square shape right on the top corner. It is somehow dissimilar to the released iPhone 11 Pro and the succeeding iPhone 11 Pro Max. The photo based mockup indicates the version that includes the flash as one of the squared points. Each of the quadrants has an exciting point or quadrant.

Sonny Dickson, the website was given above, released the iPad mockup image. But it is not yet the model that is ready for final production. If everything is true, still the model elements are subject to any changes and modifications. To reiterate, there is a missing glass which is not the same to the previously released models which had the said glass that covers the lenses, flash and the entire bump surface.

There are further rumors in the tech world saying that there are offered few extra clues in the photographs of the iPad and iPhones mockup line that was recently issued for public consumption and demonstration. Relatively, there’s a bare back, a space for the Apple logo and branding, as well as the so-called “Smart Connection” that is going through the base area of the device.

At present, there’s a prediction that upon the launching of this new device, the target market will take and buy it in a fast pace due to its unique features. As it is planned to be launched next month, it is said that such target date of release is in line with Apple’s one year celebration since the refreshment of their iPad product lines October last year. That time, the full-face displace together with the Face ID was released to the public.

Apple had just made a new 10.2-inch 7th-generation iPad available on the market. This is the very first device that features the exciting Smart Connector of the Apple product line. There is a much larger Retina display that is being utilized and a support is included for the add-on feature known as Apple Pencil. There’s also a Smart Keyboard. How much? It is said to be priced at $329, more or less.

Additionally, there’s a Japanese site known as Mac Otakara that previously stressed out that Apple is going to launch an iPad Pro that contains a triple-lens camera. A prediction that works. The information of this website was accordingly derived from the Chinese firm that provided the first cycle of related rumors. The Mac Otakara website has been known to have a record of mix tech rumors relevant to Apple products with a perspective mockup.

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