Not Going to Upgrade This Fall? Here is How to Sell Your Used iPhone for Cash!

As expected, every new Apple iPhone version is better than the previous one, even if those upgrades are subtle. So naturally, we anticipate the new iPhone 13 release with excitement. But not everyone will upgrade their iPhone this year. Apple has a lot of competition in the smartphone market, and some of us might just choose to switch brands wanting a more drastic change. But what to do with that older, still perfectly working model? Since the new phone release is a mere month away, now is the perfect time to sell your used iPhone.

In this post, we’ll touch on the most commonly emerging iPhone 13 rumors and provide a few great suggestions on how and where to sell that pre-owned phone of yours.

Not Going to Upgrade This Fall? Here is How to Sell Your Used iPhone for Cash!

What We Know About iPhone 13 So Far

There is no official release date as of yet. But, historically, Apple makes a new phone announcement in September. And as expected, there are plenty of rumors and leaks about the iPhone 13 on the internet.

But quite frankly, we even don’t know if the new phone will actually be called the “iPhone 13.”

The new iPhone is supposed to have a 120Hz LTPO display, a longer battery life, and a better camera. Another thing we all are excited about is a narrower notch or maybe even a perhaps a completely notch-less display. In addition, some expect a few changes in the design. For example, the new phone has a larger camera module, its speakers moved towards the top of the iPhone, while the SIM card tray opening might be relocated further down. And just like with the iPhone 12 lineup, we expect four models in the upcoming line as well.

Are You Considering Selling Your Used iPhone?

If you no longer wish to be an iPhone user, now is the perfect time to make the switch. Historically, as soon as the new iPhone model hits the stores, older iPhone models significantly drop in price. So, if you want to get some extra cash for your unwanted iPhone, you must act quick.

Apple products, especially iPhones, are the most sold smartphones on the market. Which means there is a lot of proposition. But the good news is that iPhones hold better resale value over time than all other brands.

Of course, the exact resale price of a pre-owned iPhone depends on the model, generation, storage size, network provider, cosmetic and functional condition.

Where to Sell a Used iPhone?

There are quite a few choices when it comes to reselling pre-owned technology, but we can group them all into the following two options:

  • In-person sales via platforms like  OfferUp. This option assumes the seller is entirely responsible for the whole process, starting with price research, listing, negotiating, down to dealing with a potential return, etc. The sale can be quick, or it may take a while–this would entirely depend on your iPhone model and its condition. Generally, newer models are easier to sell, though.
  • Online buyback services remove the hassle of taking photos, listing, meeting with potential buyers, etc., out of the equation. With those services, valuation is usually upfront, and the sale turnaround is quick. You could probably get more money if you were to sell the phone yourself in person, but this option is perfect for busy professionals who want to recycle their tech efficiently but also get paid for it.

Verified Buyback Service: Gadget Salvation

Gadget Salvation is a legit buyback platform designed to provide a seamless, fast, and reliable online selling experience for selling used gadgets. The company accepts used smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, tablets, and other tech. Moreover, Gadget Salvation provides instant valuation, free inspections and will pay for the shipping of your device.

To sell an iPhone for cash through Gadget Salvation, start by looking up your model on their website. Then, please answer a few questions about its cosmetic and functional condition, and receive an instant offer. The next step is to fill out a checkout form and receive your prepaid shipping label via email or by mail. Finally, send your device in and get paid once the company receives it. Currently, they offer the following payment methods to choose from: PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, or a paper check. It could not be any more convenient!

In Conclusion

According to internet rumors, the upcoming iPhone will have many cool new features. Yet, as of today, we do not have the exact launch date. However, assuming the phone will be released sometime in September, you have less than a month to prepare your older iPhone for sale. Whether you choose to sell it for cash or trade it in, use this time to research prices and wave your options. And if you have any questions or need help getting an estimate, reach out to folks at Gadget Salvation; they’d be happy to help!