NUOPTIMA Recognised for Excellence in SEO at UK Search Awards

Revolutionising SEO with Unconventional Formulas

NUOPTIMA, a dedicated digital growth agency, was recognised at the UK Search Awards 2022 with the ‘Best Use of Search – B2B (SEO)’ accolade. The achievement represents the culmination of an innovative campaign targeting a series of untapped sub-niches within the digital marketing industry, including SaaS, law, and cybersecurity, among others.

The UK Search Awards annually acknowledges talent and achievements in the search industry, including SEO, PPC, and content marketing. Hence, NUOPTIMA’s recent recognition speaks volumes about the firm’s proficiency in maximising ROI and generating significant sales within a specified budget.

NUOPTIMA Recognised for Excellence in SEO at UK Search Awards

More specifically, the primary objectives of NUOPTIMA’s winning campaign that led to this accolade were to increase brand awareness, attract a steady flow of new clients from organic, inbound traffic, and generate a monthly revenue of £10k from these leads. With a strategic budget allocation and a dedicated SEO team consisting of a lead strategist, lead content editor, three expert content writers, and a lead developer, NUOPTIMA not only met but exceeded these goals.

One of the key factors in the success of the campaign was the acquisition of high-authority backlinks. The team’s content writers reached out to businesses for contributor posting, acquiring an average of seven backlinks per month. Their efforts in producing authentic, high-quality content also resulted in the accumulation of 106 backlinks.

The campaign faced unique challenges, such as operating in a competitive sector with a new website and converting knowledgeable decision-makers into new revenue. However, by focusing on unfulfilled sub-divisions and creating sector-specific content, NUOPTIMA managed to position itself as an authority in the field.

By the end of the campaign, NUOPTIMA had exceeded all its key performance indicators (KPIs).

The agency achieved the following feats:

  • Increased its keyword ranking to 13,000, up from the target of 8,000
  • Surged its monthly traffic to 12,000, more than doubling the original goal of 5,000
  • Generated £18,500 in monthly revenue from inbound leads, surpassing its target of £10,000
NUOPTIMA Recognised for Excellence in SEO at UK Search Awards

NUOPTIMA’s campaign is a demonstration of how a small business can still win in a hyper-competitive field. By taking a holistic approach, this agency set aside the temptation to go all out for the most coveted keywords and took advantage of areas where the potential hadn’t been realised – all while competitors were jockeying for positions in a narrow, confined space. Now, with an established position across a range of industries, NUOPTIMA looks forward to continuing its growth trajectory.

The Leadership Team

NUOPTIMA’s leadership team consists of CEO Alexej Pikovsky, Head of Growth Aman Ghataura, and Head of SEO Viktor Bartak. Their combined expertise has contributed immensely to the firm’s success.

Alexej Pikovsky – CEO and Founder

NUOPTIMA Recognised for Excellence in SEO at UK Search Awards

Alexej Pikovsky, with a decade of experience in investment banking, venture capital, and private equity, has successfully steered NUOPTIMA and contributed significantly to the growth of one of Europe’s fastest-expanding agencies. He holds a Master’s degree from Imperial College London and is a distinguished fellow of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation.

Alexej’s journey underscores the importance of fearlessly venturing into new industries when backed by full commitment. NUOPTIMA is a testament to this, boasting a seven-figure revenue and healthy profit margins. They have successfully amplified numerous brands using SEO strategies, including their own, across a variety of sectors such as Fintech and Amazon.

Aman Ghataura – Head of Growth

NUOPTIMA Recognised for Excellence in SEO at UK Search Awards

Aman Ghataura, a key player at NUOPTIMA since its inception, has a rich history of working with over 30 diverse clients and testing more than 25 growth channels. His previous experiences span fintech and investment banking at JP Morgan, and he holds an MSci in Physics from Imperial College London.

Aman’s role involves forming alliances with established B2B service companies to escalate their revenue. He prides himself on being a sharpshooter, focusing on businesses where he can make a significant impact and enhance revenue. He meticulously constructs forecasts based on confidence level tiers to determine the most effective growth channels. Aman’s track record in B2B is impressive, with over three million dollars spent in paid ads, more than 1000 qualified sales calls generated, and numerous successful SEO campaigns executed.

Viktor Bartak – Head of SEO

NUOPTIMA Recognised for Excellence in SEO at UK Search Awards

Viktor Bartak, with his 15-year tenure in SEO, has been instrumental in the growth of over 300 businesses spanning various sectors such as cybersecurity, social media, eCommerce, tourism, SaaS, and more. His journey from a Nuclear Physics graduate to becoming an SEO enthusiast in 2007 has been marked by his ability to adapt to the ever-evolving SEO trends.

Viktor’s expertise lies in understanding Google’s algorithm changes and strategising accordingly, emphasising the creation of high-quality content that resonates with the reader. As the Head of SEO at NUOPTIMA, he has led the agency to consistently deliver results, driving traffic to clients’ sites and converting them into ready-to-buy customers.

Highlighting NUOPTIMA’s Work in SEO and PPC Management

NUOPTIMA has worked with diverse businesses, from sleep systems to skincare brands, to help them achieve growth in traffic, sales, and keyword rankings.

Pzizz’s Organic Traffic Amplified by 228%, and App Installs Boosted 40-fold

Pzizz offers a unique solution to help people improve their sleep and relaxation. Their flagship product is a mobile app that uses a combination of soundscapes, music, and voiceover to create a personalised experience.

Pzizz was experiencing high website traffic, but the conversion rate was not increasing, indicating that the visitors to their website were not their target audience. Their original content contained a lot of information on generic sleep topics. While it attracted a substantial amount of visitors, they weren’t specifically interested in downloading the sleep app, leading to a lack of conversions.

NUOPTIMA devised a comprehensive strategy to address this issue. The action plan involved optimising Pzizz’s website for relevant keywords specific to potential customers searching for their product, creating high-quality content to engage with the target audience, and implementing technical improvements to enhance the website’s user experience.

The formula led to a significant increase in organic traffic from Pzizz’s target audience, leading to a surge in app downloads and an improvement in their ROI. Hence, Pzizz was then in a position to find people with sleep problems and place their app as the solution. The strategy resulted in a 228% increase in traffic, a 206% increase in keywords, and a 40x increase in app installs.

GlycanAge: A 1,364% Surge in Traffic Through Scientific Content

GlycanAge is a biological age testing and consultation company providing at-home kits for customers to conduct finger prick tests. The samples are then sent back to their lab for extensive biological testing. After three to five weeks, customers can view their results on the company website, which includes a variety of metrics, most notably, their biological age.

GlycanAge engaged with NUOPTIMA to accelerate growth organically through SEO. The challenge was to produce content that was scientifically accurate and trustworthy, given the potential health implications of misinformation.

NUOPTIMA implemented a strategy that involved extensive keyword research, focusing on bottom-funnel keywords that merged consumer spending and deep science. The team also created standard operating procedures for editing, referencing, and research to ensure the accuracy and credibility of the content.

The strategy resulted in a 1,364% increase in traffic and a 1,600% keyword increase. GlycanAge also started ranking for a variety of bottom-funnel keywords relevant to the biological age test and their new product, menopausal testing. The increase in referring domains by 66% also indicated a significant improvement in the website’s authority.

Perfect Image’s Sales were Boosted by 70%, and ACOS Slashed by 30% in Just two Months

Perfect Image is a skincare brand that provides an extensive selection of products, such as moisturisers, facial masks, peel pads, and cleansers, all infused with natural, skin-enhancing ingredients. After struggling with high advertising cost of sales (ACOS) figures and low sales, they sought the expertise of NUOPTIMA to enhance its sales performance and reduce its ACOS on Amazon.

Perfect Image’s Amazon PPC account was in an unoptimised state when NUOPTIMA took over. The account was cluttered with campaigns that included a variety of unrelated products, making it difficult to track performance. Moreover, there were missed opportunities due to the absence of crucial, high-yielding keywords in the campaigns.

NUOPTIMA implemented a comprehensive strategy to restructure and optimise Perfect Image’s PPC account, including:

  • Sorting campaigns and portfolios
  • Removing duplicate and poorly performing keywords
  • Adding new keywords to campaigns
  • Optimising bids
  • Adding auto campaigns

The detailed approach to SEO optimisation and listing enhancement yielded impressive results. Perfect Image saw a 70% increase in sales and a 30% decrease in ACOS in just two months.

Implications and Future Directions

NUOPTIMA’s recognition at the UK Search Awards reflects the firm’s efforts in SEO and further validates its place in the digital marketing industry, particularly within the B2B sector. The firm plans to continue utilising its award-winning strategies to drive growth for its clients and explore new sub-niches within the online marketing space. If you’re looking for assistance in digital marketing strategies, see how NUOPTIMA might be able to help.


NUOPTIMA is a forward-thinking digital growth agency founded in 2020 that specialises in SEO and other digital marketing strategies. Founded by Alexej Pikovsky, the agency initially launched a marketplace in the competitive CBD space, and within a year, it became Europe’s largest CBD platform.

This success led to brands approaching NUOPTIMA for help with their SEO. Today, the firm is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes enhance their online visibility, drive increased website traffic, and foster growth. For more information about NUOPTIMA and its services, please visit the company website.