Online tools for calculating compensations after suffering a personal injury


A personal injury calculator is a popular and one of the commonly used online tools for calculating compensations after suffering a personal injury. It is used to obtain an estimated value of the losses after an accident and it allows the plaintiff to have a clearer image of the settlement amount he/she can ask for.

How accurate is a personal injury calculator?

What types of damages can you calculate with a personal injury calculator?

The effects of a personal injury accident can include both material and non-economic damages. The first category is easily quantifiable, especially after the accident, when the victim has received the first medical bills and has an idea of the treatment that will be further required. The other damages, the non-economical ones, such as pain and suffering as well as distress or post-traumatic stress after an accident are not easily monetized and specialized aid is recommended in these cases.

A personal injury calculator is an online tool that is commonly used before seeking professional legal aid. It allows the individual to calculate the settlement value by himself/herself. The calculator will include the following:

  • Medical care: the initial costs related to the immediate or emergency medical treatment required after the accident;
  • Future medical care: any other additional medical treatments that may be needed for the long-term treatment of the injuries incurred in the accident;
  • Lost income: includes both the income lost immediately during the recovery period and any future lost income, as a result of not being able to work after the accident (partly or wholly);
  • Damages: property and asset damages sustained in the accident (can include vehicle repair costs and others).

How accurate is a personal injury calculator?

When using a personal injury calculator, it is important to remember that the result depends on the amounts introduced by the user. This means that it is important to have a clear image of all of the associated costs and, when applicable, finish the medical treatment before using the online tool in order to have all the medical bills.

The personal injury calculator does not substitute professional legal advice and the settlement amount indicated by the tool can vary depending on circumstantial factors, such as the plaintiff’s level negligence in the accident, when applicable.

Using a personal injury calculator is an easy and convenient first step for determining the settlement amount you are entitled to as the victim of a personal injury accident.


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