Oppo vs. Vivo Which is Better?

Oppo vs. Vivo This battle has started with the launch of these companies as they have almost similar designed smartphones. Are you confused between the two? You are not alone, my dear friend!

Oppo and Vivo phone covers are gravitating because almost every person owns these smartphones. However, Oppo and Vivo are alone in the battleground. Many other companies like Poco, Intel, Redmi, Realme, iPhone, Samsung, Intex, Motorola, and Nokia offer the same configuration phones at similar pricing. They have studied the competitive market of today and launched smartphones accordingly.

All the above mention brands are trending. It is difficult for a person to choose the best. It is because when we pay, we want to own the best. As we already know that Nokia and Samsung were the rulers. But now we have tons of options to choose from. If you are searching for Oppo vs. Vivo or Vivo vs. Oppo whatever you say. Your search ends here!

Here, we have tried to get you to the pros and cons of both mobile companies. You will shortly know which is better, Oppo or Vivo. Are you looking for a budget phone around 5K to 25K? We have Oppo and Vivo’s best smartphones list.

When we compared the data and asked better experts- Oppo or Vivo? They simply answered both are the same. They have the exact cameras, features, OS, processor, RAM, etc.

Just go through mobile experts on YouTube, you will notice many YouTubers sharing their experiences about these handsets. According to them-they are nearly identical and as per the most popular YouTuber “Technical Guruji” Oppo and Vivo have only one best feature-Camera.

As per this statement, are we just buying Oppo and Vivo because of their superior camera? Can Oppo and Vivo be used for other specifications? If you want to know why to buy these phones, stay tuned!

Comparison of Oppo and Vivo:

In India, Oppo and Vivo have different fan following. You will see it with every next person. Their marketing is top-notch, and you will see different hoarding around cities. Vivo is the primary sponsor of IPL and Dream 11. Yet, it did not go well in 2020 because of the ban on Chinese products. Now they are back with the marketing gimmicks in IPL and Dream 11 2021. Even kids know about these two.

Oppo and Vivo Introduction:

Oppo and Vivo, why are they the same? The reason is they are manufactured by the same Chinese company BBK Electronics. Their headquarter is in Dongguan, China.

Hence, Oppo and Vivo have the same features names are different. Besides good cameras, they offer a premium appearance face unlocks good battery life and the latest OS.

If we talk about Vivo, the camera is the best feature. So, if you have any confusion about the two being identical. Don’t be because they are identical but act differently.

Marketing Strategy and Branding of Oppo and Vivo:

Both Oppo and Vivo branding is of the same level. The main target segment of Oppo and Vivo smartphones is the Selfie camera. And they are exemplary at this, we must say. If you want to know about the front and back cameras, check them on the mobile stores.

We are sure you will encounter two mobiles on the counter, Oppo vs. Vivo. It is why they are the fastest and top-selling smartphones in the Indian market. The R&D team of BBK Electronics knows Indians are more into looks and cameras than other features. Frankly, younger generations love social media handlings. For them, they need powerful HD cameras for Instagram and Facebook posts. So, now we know why Oppo and Vivo are trending, right!

Which is Better- Oppo or Vivo?

Lets, conclude which is best with the below descriptions.


When it is about Oppo and Vivo processors, undoubtedly, Vivo gets the point. Vivo supports a Snapdragon processor, and Oppo is built with a MediaTek processor.

Here, the Snapdragon processor is reliable than the MediaTek processor. There is not much difference but a bit. You will see Snapdragon in Samsung too.

Display and Design:

Oppo smartphone leads when we talk about display and design. Vivo has an IPS display, and Oppo has an AMOLED HD display.

However, there are many choices of display in Vivo phones too. The design of Oppo steals the show when we keep phones on the table.

Price and Battery:

We all know Oppo is a bit costlier than Vivo. It is because of the design, display and they are more in premium segment phones.

If we talk about battery staying power Vivo’s battery lasts longer than Oppo phones. It is because of the display and processor. The more HD the phone is, battery consumption increases.

Camera, RAM, and Storage:

These features depend on phone costing. The higher the price of the phone quality revs. If you have no budget constraints, you can get the best. Now we talk about camera quality-Oppo camera is better than Vivo without a doubt. The Vivo camera is also good here we are comparing the duo.

There are some plus so some minuses. The RAM and ROM of Vivo smartphones are larger than Oppo smartphones. Now you know all the specifications and how one is different from the other. So, we want to ask- do you find any difference between Oppo and Vivo mobiles? No, right!

It solely depends on preferences. What are you looking for in a mobile? Do you want a stylish phone with a good camera? Then go for Oppo phones. If you are looking for a large battery and RAM phone? You should pick Vivo phones.

Final Verdict:

Hope guys, you liked the article. And now you know Oppo vs. Vivo-which is better? Oppo and Vivo both have great phones, and they launch new upgraded phones every year according to demands.

If you have any queries-do write us in the comment section below. We welcome all your doubts.

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