Paint and Sip Classes Online: A Few Tips on Wine & Painting

Paint and sip classes have become increasingly popular. It serves as a way to socialize, relax and be creative. In these trying times, people are grateful for the opportunity to have fun while staying safely at home.

Virtual classes have become the norm – children are being schooled from their homes and a lot of work is done remotely as well.

Now, paint and sip classes are also a virtual option – what a way to spend your evening!

What Are Paint and Sip Parties?

These social occasions saw friends and family get together for a glass of wine (or more) and a painting session.

At the end of the party, everyone has identical paintings (or variations of the same example), cheeky smiles and empty glasses.

The atmosphere of paint and sip classes are relaxed and fun. People are more focused on spending time with their friends than becoming paint masters.

Painting is a very relaxing activity, especially when the focus is on creativity, not perfection.

Paint and Sip Classes Online

There is no real difference between the virtual paint and sip sessions and the physical ones.

It is much safer though since there is no risk of spreading the coronavirus.

Paint and sip classes online are still fun – you meet up with your fellow painters through Zoom or Skype and giggle because all of you already had a glass of wine.

The physical paint and sip classes will have the instructor show a painting and ask the class to copy it on their own canvases.

The same thing happens during online sessions. The instructor greets everyone, they get settled and then they start painting.

Paint and sip classes’ goal is to have fun and forget about your problems for a while. That can be achieved through the virtual classes as well.

You can place your laptop or computer in front of a window or in a creative area in your home, pour your wine and use Zoom or Skype.

Remember that the point is to unwind – you don’t have to be the next Picasso. Have a clean canvas (it doesn’t have to be an expensive one), a few brushes and your preferred type of paint.

Acrylic paint is considered the best option for beginners and is easy to use as well. This could be important if you’ve had a few glasses of wine.

Some Wines To Consider

If you want the best experience, you are going to need great wine during your paint and sip classes online.

Here are a few great wine options for your online art session:


The real thing can only come from Champagne and it tastes a lot better than normal wine. There are different tones and tastes of champagne, depending on which winemaker you support.


Hailing from Italy, Sangiovese is a deep red wine that is especially great with pizza or pasta. It’s a fantastic wine for paint and sip classes online.


Syrah has a beautiful purple colour and has a taste of jams and wild black fruits. If you like wine that goes well with beef, this is the one you want.


This is a typical dry white wine with a fruity and velvety feel. It often has complex fruit flavours like apple and pineapple. Roast chicken and grilled seafood go well with chardonnay.

Tips When Starting To Paint

You want to have fun while you paint and sip so it’s best to come prepared. If you’re only just starting out with painting, you should invest some time in getting all the right tools ready.

You can use acrylic paint, watercolours or oil paint. For beginners, acrylic can be the wisest choice, but it’s ultimately up to you what you want to use.

You will need an easel to hold your canvas (or paper if you’re working with watercolours) so you can paint with ease.

Of course, you need brushes that suit your medium. Larger brushes are ideal for acrylic paint, China bristle brushes go better with oil paint and round brushes tend to be the best for watercolours.

It’s advised that you have paper towels so you can wipe your brushes as you paint.

Don’t stress about what other people think. Your paint and sip class is just about enjoying your wine and being creative. There’s no need for your art to be the kind you see in galleries. No one expects the paintings from these classes to be all that wonderful anyway – there was wine involved, after all.

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