Parasites SEO: Get Organic Traffic by using Parasite SEO Technique

Parasites are something that I have been using for years to generate traffic and make sales and they work very well and they are always going to work right into the foreseeable future.  It is one of my favorite techniques to increase website traffic.

So, today, in this article, I have decided to let you know about how you can increase your website’s traffic using parasite SEO techniques.

Get Organic Traffic by using Parasite SEO Technique

Before going into the details it is very important for us to understand what is parasite SEO and how does it work?

So, first of all, let us understand about parasite SEO.

What Is Parasite SEO?

Parasite SEO is outdated and not a new SEO technique. However, it still works and can be used to drive traffic for your website.  But you have to always keep in mind that while creating a parasite page or submitting an article on those high authority sites if they come to know that you are doing spamming on their site then they may remove your article or link. If you are looking for Parasite SEO Service then contact NSEOEXPERT

How do Parasite SEO Techniques work?

Let us understand this technique with an example. Suppose you are writing an article on a very high competitive keyword and if you publish that article on your website then it may not rank in Google search because your website has low authority and less trust score in Google’s eye. So, in order to rank quickly in Google, you would have to use the parasite SEO technique.

Parasite SEO is basically a technique of submitting articles or web pages on high authority web 2.0 websites or social media platforms. As we know that Google loves high authority websites, if you take the advantage of those high authority websites, it becomes easier for a webpage of low authority or article to rank higher on Google search engine.

How to do Parasite SEO?

Google trusts a high authority website. In order to take complete advantages of Parasite SEO techniques, you would need to find those high authority websites which allow submitting URLS or article on their website.  In addition to this, never ever try to do spamming on those high authority websites which allow you submitting WebPages or links. If they found that you are doing spamming then they may remove your article or link or you may be permanently banned.

I hope you have understood what is parasite SEO and how does it work. Let us see what are the benefits you will get when you start implementing this SEO strategy

Things To Look For While Doing Parasite SEO

Before doing parasite Seo you should focus on the given below things:

  • Domain Authority: Always go for high domain authority websites. Submitting a link to higher domain authority websites gives your WebPages or links chances to rank high in Google Search.
  • Trust Flow/ Citation Flow:  Trust flow or citation flow determines how powerful a website or URL is. The more backlinks the host has from high TF sites, the more reliable it is — in the eyes of Google’s algorithms.  Think of it as the “circle of trust”.
  • Number of Backlinks: Always check the number of backlinks linked with the sites before submitting your link. The website with more number of backlinks determines how powerful the website is.
  • Number of Pages Indexed: Google loves big websites. So always check how many WebPages of the host website are indexed on Google. The more number of pages indexed in Google determines how strong the host website is.

According to me, these are the few things that you need to look for before adding or submitting your web pages or blogs on a host website.

Let us see a few of the benefits which you will get while implementing a Parasite SEO strategy.

Benefits of Parasite SEO

  1. Google loves high authority web 2.0 properties and social media platforms. So, if you submit your web page or blog on those websites your webpage will start rank without giving any extra effort.
  2. You will get backlinks from high authority websites. Mostly No-follow links. There are few parasite websites which also gives do-follow links
  3. You get an opportunity to promote your content on a high domain authority website. Thus it helps you to increase brand awareness.
  4. It increases your website’s ORM (Online Reputation Management).
  5. It increases your website’s social media identity day by day. For example, if you post on Facebook at a regular interval of time then it will help you to gain an audience.
  6. Parasites website links quickly get ranking in Google search and thus you can get huge traffic if you start using the parasite website smartly.

As we have understood the benefits of the Parasite SEO technique. Let me list a few of those popular parasite websites where you can submit and promote your content and can gain huge traffic for your website.

Lists of Parasite Websites

  1. Quora
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Vimeo
  4. YouTube
  5. Google Site
  6. Alibaba Cloud
  7. Microsoft Cloud
  8. Amazon S3 Cloud
  9. Reddit
  10. Medium
  11. Facebook Page
  12. Yelp
  13. Houzz
  14. Google MyMaps
  15. Growth Hackers
  16. Doplash
  17. Indibloghub
  19. Twitter
  20. Tumblr

Note: While posting content on parasite websites kindly follow all of their terms and condition.


Now I hope you have understood the importance of parasite SEO techniques. So if you want to increase the traffic of your website, I would suggest you start submitting your blogs or posts on those high domain authority websites which gives you the opportunity to submit articles or links. But you should always keep in your minds that never ever try to do spamming. If they find that you are doing spamming your account may get suspended or blocked.

Before ending the topic, I would like to suggest you that before implementing parasite SEO technique, it is must for you to learn basic SEO such as keyword research, On Page SEO. If you do not have a time for SEO then I would suggest you take our SEO services.