Pridi Ring Light Webcam: Shine Bright on Any Zoom Call

Video calls on Zoom have become prevalent in today’s hybrid work setup. If you’ve always been bothered by your appearance on Zoom, then it’s probably time to switch to a new webcam. Today, there’s a Ring Light Webcam that’s both a high-definition webcam and a ring light in one.

Pridi Ring Light Webcam Features

OvalLight Ring Light Technology

The Pridi webcam is more than just an HD camera- it’s also a ring light with patented oval light technology. It’s located at the sides of the lens and can glow up to 300 lux, eliminating the need for further room illumination.

Pridi Ring Light Webcam Shine Bright on Any Zoom Call

Adjustable Brightness and Color Shade Mode

The ring light webcam has adjustable brightness and color modes to suit the mood. You can choose between bright, cool, or warm depending on the environment you want. For instance, you can go cool for a more professional appearance and bright for streaming on YouTube or Twitch.

Pridi Ring Light Webcam: Shine Bright on Any Zoom Call

Easy USB-C Setup

Setting up the Pridi Webcam is a plug-and-play affair. Instead of USB-A, you get a more modern USB-C, which also acts as its power source. The built-in clip can be attached to the screen or monitor, or lay flat at the bottom of a desk.

Autofocus and 360 Degree Rotation

Autofocus can help eliminate clutter and bring your profile up front and center. The Pridi webcam has smart autofocus so you’ll always be in the foreground while the background gets a nice soft blur.

Full HD and Built-In Microphone

The webcam puts out a clear 1080p resolution and even has dual microphones for audio communication. It’s a microphone, webcam, and ring light in one neat package. This can simplify your setup and eliminate clutter on your work or study desk.

With the Pridi Ring Light Webcam, you can put your best foot forward on any Zoom call.